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My Recent Gaming Philosophy (Updated)

Why I Choose to Take My Time When Gaming

  1. pokerus
    Lately I've found myself taking more time on the games I've purchased. I just assumed this was because of school, and part of it is. But I think there's something bigger than school going on that's slowing me down. I think the real reason why I've been slowing down is because I don't want to miss anything. I also just want to enjoy the game and not rush through it just to get to the next game. I'm sick of spending a couple weeks on a game I spent so much money on.

    Spending more time on the games has actually made me like them more. I honestly think I'm having more fun. For example, in Pokemon Ultra Sun, I've been really taking in all the detail of the game and just having an overall good time. It feels great, and I don't feel like a mindless zombie whenever I'm playing anymore. I think I've finally figured out what Nintendo and other video game companies had intended video games to be in the first place: it's all about just having a good time. It's not about getting through it as fast as possible.

    I've found that taking my time has also helped me better balance gaming and school. Now I have dedicated time rather than trying to "binge play" all my new games. My grades actually rose ever since I've slowed down on my gaming, too.

    I honestly urge people to follow this too. It can really change you a lot. If you're all stressed out from work or school or whatever, you can just sit down and play some video games without pushing yourself too hard. I always said I loved video games, but I don't think I really meant it until now.

Recent Comments

  1. AricAttack
    Interesting perspective, I like taking my time if it’s a popular game like Zelda, but I never thought of taking my time to slow down and look at all the details great job :D
  2. Mr. Lapiz
    Mr. Lapiz
    I totally agree with that. I understand that some people want to rush the storyline of a game to see what happens at the end of it, but playing it slowly and enjoying all the minor details of the game is also really worth it.
  3. Aura Knight
    Aura Knight
    Well, since you are describing you own gaming playstyle I can't say that you are incorrect with any of this.
  4. Spinnerweb
    I thought you were going somewhere with this.
    1. pokerus
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it, especially since this is my first blog post. I'm gonna makes some edits to my post hopefully if I have time today.