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Yoshi - 3DS Pedia
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My Time With The Pedia

I am going to talk about my time used in 3ds pedia!

  1. emme11
    When I found out about this site I thought hey I'm just going to use it for codes! But then I realized that this site shouldn't be just for play coins and faking out on it! This site is also good for getting to know other people... Like miiverse! If you do not know what miiverse is then I'll tell you. It is a interactional download for people to get on to make friends and have fun! And sometimes people don't even respect the rules and get banned! No you don't get codes out of it or anything but it's still a fun gaming site for people to interact in!

Recent Comments

  1. tjnation
    I just joined today and I think that this is a great website to interact with other gamers and learn from them! I can't wait to talk about games with you guys!
  2. codyplays
    Hope you'll have a good time with us here, we don't bite:) (or do we, duh duh duh)
  3. spagooti
    Bad rating because one
    You brang up Miiverse, the competition
    Miiverse allows false reports and bans people for no reason ;_; you forgot to add that in.
    1. emme11
      Blogger's Response
      oh! woops... i didnt know that miiverse was a competitor to this! thanks for the tips! anyway im only up to 5 play coins! does anyone know how many you have to get before you can get a code? if you do please tell me as soon as you can!
      hey do one of you want to exchange friend codes? if so just type it in a reply and i will type mine! ;)
  4. paceygym
    You just joined today and you've already learned that. Good for you.
    All you have to do is learn my goal and you'll know everything :P You can ask just about every member and they'll know ._.