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Need For Speed: Most Wanted U review.

My review of NFS:MS.

  1. TheCheesyNuke
    Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a game where you are a street racer trying to become the most wanted.

    Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a very good game. It is on many platforms, inluding PC, PS, Wii U, etc, etc. My review of the game is 9.3/10. It includes cars of different variety, including the Hennesy Venom GT, Ford Raptor, and TONS more. Beating the game would probably take 4+ weeks. Even when you DO beat the game, there is still plenty of stuff to do, including races, multiplayer, and beating other people's score. The controls are very good, and I would personally recommend using the Wii remote, because it feels like your actually driving a car... kind of. The graphics are very good. Also, I personally don't like racing games, but I like this one. There are also quite a few funny easter eggs. Well, this is the end of my review! Tell me if I should add more stuff. ;)

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Recent Comments

  1. Nanamine
    Fantastic review, though the only flaw I can see is that it's too in depth.
  2. DarkDragonz87
    Good, but you should add screenshots of the game
  3. Magik
    Good, but you just say that a lot if stuff in the game is cool and fun you don't actually say what it is though