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New Member Cycle

Theory of new member disappearence

  1. Ruby
    This is just a theory.
    1. A person sees that 3DS Pedia offers Eshop cards.
    2. They sign up for the site.
    3. They try to earn PC.
    4. They realise that it's too long and complicated for them to bother with it.
    5. They don't ever come back.
    6. Repeat.
    Thank you for reading.

Recent Comments

  1. karlientjie
    I was also drawn here by eshop cards and I am new but I am staying
  2. Rin
    I actually didn't even know about eShop cards till after I already made a few posts xD

  3. MLGirby
    Like others, I was drawn here by the offer of eshop cards.
    Unlike others,I stayed here.
  4. Derp
    This is true and sad at the same time. I wonder how many people stopped coming because of this.
  5. paceygym
    Sad but true. The codes are just an added bonus for having fun with everyone.
  6. 3dsatackman
    Some people do this i love this forum for the community and awesome people as well as the contest and that there is always someone who will want to play with you
  7. CrazyElf
    I guess this is true. At least sometimes, new members forget the eShop cards, and come here for the fun.
  8. 5/5,
    Sadly, that is how most people try to use the website. Don't they understand that actual people have to pay for these...
  9. Superjoris
    At first,this was my plan but when i see this awsome community i dont make it really for the Eshop cards :3
    I make it now for MK7 or ACNL tounements :D
  10. Marc
    That's exactly how I designed the system to work :P This forum is a regular Nintendo forum with a perk for active members who want to contribute, participate and have fun \:D/
    1. Ruby
      Blogger's Response
      I'm saying that they are coming for the Eshop codes and that is it.