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New update for Meme Run, new character


  1. Magik
    Welp, Meme run got a update! Hold down B on the menu to become the Bigley Meme!
    Take a look:[​IMG]

Recent Comments

  1. Slowpoke
    This game shouldnt even exist :/
  2. jandkas
    The creator of this game stole art and is trying to weasel his way out of legal repercussions. Honestly he doesn't deserve a single ounce of any profit he makes.
  3. Chibi Asriel
    Chibi Asriel
    I still don't like this game,in my opinon it needs to dissapear off the face of the earth,it's not worth 5 bucks!
  4. OopaMazo
    I must try this the next time I play Meme Run! :D
  5. PigMayor
    I want Meme Run, so awesome ^3^