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November 5th Nintendo DIrect

Whats this for?

  1. SuperMii3D
    Quick update! Nintendo will be streaming a Nintendo Direct tomorrow at 2 PM Pacific Time, so it might get late for some European folk. The Direct itself will cover some updates on games that havent been release yet. That is all.

Recent Comments

  1. Chibi Asriel
    Chibi Asriel
    5pmEST...I wonder if they talk about flipnotes studio 3d
  2. D4rkDragon
    Aaand that's another Direct I won't be able to see (10-11 P.M here)
    Too bad, I was looking forward to it.
  3. Ozga
    Yeahh i cant wait :D
  4. 3dsatackman
    Awesome i am going to watch this :D
  5. Marc
    No word about SMT X FE, I know it ;-;
  6. OopaMazo
    Nice! I hope I'll be able to watch it because I have to go somewhere an hour later, plus I will surely have hw. xD