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Pokémon AS and the Mystery of the "Passed By" People

I don't get it. Why is this happening ?

  1. D4rkDragon
    Hi everybody,

    I didn't wanted to make a status update, so here's a blog post instead (*puts on shield to avoid eventual delete*)!

    In any case, I'm wondering how the notification system in the Navi-Show (or whatever it is called in the EN version or OR/AS) works. I've been fighting to get a Eon Ticket through StreetPass, HomePass, or any possible way without getting any, but I always managed to get 20+ notifications on the Navi-Show anytime.

    I'm wondering. From where are those mysterious notifications coming from? Messed up StreetPass ? Weird thing I can't explain ?

    The mystery's still present, and I'm looking forward to know what's behind all of this.

Recent Comments

  1. paceygym
    By passed by I thought you meant dead at first xD
    But why do these random news people stalk children worldwide? Who knows
    1. D4rkDragon
      Blogger's Response
      Oh, sorry. By "Passed", I meant people "met". Sorry for the confusion.
      And yes, random news in OR/AS are really random.