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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Gates to Infinity

thoughts and review

  1. Rattus rattus
    So this is my thought and review about the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity

    First Thoughts
    - So when this game first came out I was so very excited for it . I was a really good PMD series fan especially PMD : Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky . This game really looked very good and it was my first game to be downloaded right from the Nintendo eshop . I have played the demo and it was simply refreshing to see that there was a new game just for the 3ds . I couldn't wait !

    Actual After Gameplay and Thoughts
    -The story and structure of the game was really what I didn't expected . I kept telling myself it would get better but then after playing the main story and all guess what ? There was nothing else to do. I was quite angry . The little content that was given throughout the main story and then it just ends there with absolutely nothing to do after ?! It was really unexpected . It was also unexpectedly easy too . This really felt like a rushed game and I would say that if you would choose over this or the previous installment PMD Sky , I would say PMD Sky .

    Here is a list of things why this game isn't great :
    • Too easy
    • Story is not full and filled with holes
    • No post-play game
    • Boring and Predictable Story
    • Not enough amount of Pokemon you can befriend
    • Legendaries are non-befriendable
    • Short and little content
    • Same dungeon designs
    -What do I mean too easy ?
    The game was too easy due to the fact that Nintendo took off many of the reasonable things like Hunger , Hunger is something that may sound very hard to you , but it is something secondary and you wouldn't even notice it . Play Sky and you will see . Next is a strange little thing called the Deposit Box where you can store unlimited items and it looks so small. In the previous installments there was the Khangaskan Storage where although it has limited space , it was very reasonable , gaining more space when ranking up .

    Next , pokemon not in your team and in Paradise get exp. even though they are not with you . This is outragous because not only making the game too easy , you now miss out on an extra thing to do after finishing the story , soon everybody is LV100 . In previous installments there isn't this but this will make keep playing the game enjoyable and I found this sad .

    -What is the short predictable story and why is it filled with holes?
    I will try not to spoil . Things in this story is very very predictable compared to PMD Sky where you can try to figure it out but never find out . What is also wrong with the story is that there are still missing pieces that fit together to make a story . For example (to those who played it ) Tell me where these "EnterCards" even originate ? I can never imagine how well structured PMD Sky was and I felt this game was rushed .

    -Little amount of befriendable pokemon
    How does it feel to see that this game has about only 150 pokemon to befriend ? That sounds horrible . meaning in several places you might see same pokemon over and over . In PMD Sky , there is probably more than twice this amount not to include legendaries which are befriendable but this game ? Sure you can fight Reshiram and Zekrom but befriending them is beyond thought . There isn't even alot of pokemon you can befriend , so more signs of a rushed game

    The dungeons are all the same design type and you'll notice it eventually too . Not to mention the dungeons are freakishly long having you looking and looking for a long time just to find the stairs . This was probably to combat taking Hunger off . Dungeon music is not alot and it is repeating so much that it is annoying . Music is also not very attractive .

    I wouldn't recommend getting this game if your a PMD fan or played any of the previous franchises and I believe it is not worth its 35 dollars to spend . This is the first game I got regretting and I really wished I didn't get this game . The only thing that improved was the gameplay visuals which is practically the only thing . Nintendo took off many of the features which made the series fun . and I hope that there is some update to change this bad game . I would definitely not want to see Nintendo make another PMD game until this one is dealt with . Nintendo definitely rushed this game . And if you check the other sites you will see same comments . Please reconsider if you can to buy this game . I highly recommend it .

    I must give it good for the game itself and the graphics which excelled from the boring looking one in the previous installments . Please Nintendo , better could have been done of this game...

    USER RATING : 6/10

    Thank you for your time in reading this and hopefully changed your choice;) ,


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  1. GerudoWarrior
    I prefer the classic Graphics from pmd rescue team and explorers