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Pokemon oras: easy lucky eggs

how to easily get lucky eggs in pokemon oras

  1. snomski
    first off, lucky eggs are a held item in pokemon oras. they cause the holder to gain extra experience after defeating a pokemon.

    STEP 1
    go to an area where pelippers are found bring a pokemon that knows thief or covet or some poke balls.

    STEP 2
    run around the area with the dex nav on until a pelipper appears. check if it show if it has a lucky egg as a hold item. if it doesnt keep running around until you find the right one

    STEP 3
    now that youve found the right pelipper catch it or use the move covet/thief and take the lucky egg off it.

    now you can use lucky eggs to train your pokemon faster

Recent Comments

  1. nintendoboy98
    Thank you :D
  2. Robbie
    Thank you, helpful ^.^