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Pokemon: The Ages of Orre (Part 1)

A Pokemon GCN fanfic with all the bells and whistles.

  1. Artisan
    It was a rainy day today in the Orre region, and that hasn't happened since maybe 7 years ago. The name's Kent of Phenac City. Ever since I was little I dreamed of being a Pokemon trainer. Certainly now that I fear the Ciphers will be back. Strangely enough when I went outside to go to the Pokemart some person thought I was from a gang and gave me his only Pokemon, Absol. I can't blame him though because there are a lot of small gangs in Orre. Usually not in Phenac though... Anyways I went into the Pokemart to find a Punk Rocker named Folly wanting to take the shopkeeper's Ampha. I stopped him from running away luckily as someone called for Police during our battle. He had Sandile, Murkrow, and a Stunky. The Absol I was given knew X-Scissors and Swords Dance so he was certainly ready for battle. Then he gave me a smirk and a Shellos. Folly said "Kid, have a merry holiday, a gift from our prime organization leader, Fa cade." Right then and there I knew I had a journey to be on...

    Meanwhile... mysterious happenings at the ONBS station (a TV station in Pyrite Town). Nett: This is just in! Folly, once Miror B.'s partner in crime, has been seen trying to rob the Phenac City Pokemart owner of his Ampharos. Luckily a trainer came to the rescue and Folly is still out there. Here's word straight from the owner. Owner: You heard right, I've never seen him in my life. He just dropped in like that. I'm sorry but if I found out this is going to happen every day I might have to close shop unless someone who's experienced at battling takes over. Even then they'd certainly have to clean the place up after their battles, so there's nothing really helping the mart's cause to stay around. I might have a clearance sale soon though so come if you wish. Nett: If you have seen Folly then please report it to us or the Pyrite Police Department and we will be sure he's put in his place. *shows picture of Folley on TV)

    Also meanwhile... at Outskirt Stand. Bartender: I have a feeling I've heard that name before. Folley. Have you heard of it before sir? *he hands a trainer Pokeballs he's ordered* ???: Why yes I know exactly who that person is. I'm afraid he might get away however because he's a bit younger than I, however I'm certain I can find him. I haven't battled in a long time.

    Who is this mysterious person? Why is Folley showing up? Who really is Fa cade? Find out in the next installment!

Recent Comments

  1. CrazyElf
    No indents? Text too big? Oh my, this story is TERRIBLE! Jk.

    Nice story. Now I kinda wonder...