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Pokemon: The Ages of Orre (Part 2)

Trouble at first sight...

  1. Artisan
    Previously on Ages of Orre:
    Folley gave me [Kent] a smirk and a Shellos. He said "Kid, have a merry holiday, a gift from our prime organization leader, Fa cade."
    Bartender: Folley. Have you heard of his name before sir? *he hands a trainer Pokeballs he's ordered* ???: Why yes I know exactly who that person is.

    In Phenac City... "What do you think we do now Absol?" *Absol looks toward the Pre Gym* "But that's where all the competitive trainers go. We can't go in there without experience." An elderly man must've heard me talking because he walked right up to me. "So your Pokemon must be new to battling?"
    "Well... yes. I'm sure they are. No need to gamble over it."
    "Ha ha ha. How about you battle me then? I can teach you some things."
    "I don't need to be taught sir. I just want to make sure my Pokemon are ready for trouble."
    "Your Pokemon gain experience through battling though."
    "I'd rather battle wild Pokemon."
    "Good luck with that. I'll battle you for nothing then and if you win I'll pay you."
    "If you insist." Our battle was short. A regular 2v2 Double Battle. He used two Pikachu's. They didn't last long after they each took two hits. "You really don't have to pay me sir."
    "It's for your journey. Do you have a PDA?"
    "Nope. I don't need one anyway. No sense being tricked by emails with it either."
    "Best leave you be then..." *walks away*
    "What's your name?"
    *Stops* "Eagun." *Leaves* Just then I heard some yelling and screaming from inside the Pre Gym...

    This happened around the same time as what happened above. (aka meanwhile at the ONBS TV station)... Nett: That's strange, the power is out. Michael: "Go! Magneton! Power up the station for us will ya?"
    Cipher Peon: "Hehehe. Sorry kids but the station is ours."
    Megg: "Oh no you don't. Go! Breloom!"

    In Pyrite prison... Wakin: "Man I've been in here a long time. 3 years perhaps. Guess ol' 'Zap isn't going to get me anytime soon." Kaaaabooossshhh!

    What will happen next? Why is there so much trouble going on? Why do Nett and Megg have such uncreative names ? Find out next time.