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pokemon x and y is geting old

its realy geting old

  1. coleocop
    well even if its 3d its geting old and pokemon the remix of ruby and safferir sry for spelling I realy bad at spelling

Recent Comments

  1. CrazyElf
    Old? The game has only been out a year and a couple months. Also, the game is still popular, with lots of active fans/players.

    An argument/reason is needed. I won't consider XY old, even with the Hoenn remakes already released.
  2. FirstSerpent
    It's barely been out an year, and most of us are still having fun with it. Could you elaborate how exactly it's "Old"?
  3. Ichimaru
    naa to me it is still good and I still play.Even if I did get ORAS I would continue playing X and y.
  4. Spinnerweb
    I don't think it's getting old, especially when no reason is provided for it. It's less than two years old and it has a bajillion active players. Even Pokemon FireRed isn't old for me. :panda:
  5. D4rkDragon
    How is it getting old ? I need arguments, please.
    Some of us are still playing X/Y, and even I, don't consider X/Y to be old because of OR/AS being released recently.