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Pokeumans: Chapter 26

"When you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares right back at you."

  1. Aura_Knight394
    Chapter 26

    “What the-?!” Josh shouted. He slammed his head against his head rest. “How the-?! Ugh! This is frustrating as-”

    “Calm down.” Andy put a paw on Josh’s shoulder. “I guess this means they got to some gears first. No biggie, we just take it from them!”

    West sighed. “Andy…well, I am not really sure about any of this.”

    “Well, let’s go!” Claire jumped. “If we get them, that’ll be less places we need to go to.”

    They all nodded and slipped the car behind the mountain. The car ramp was still lowered, so they casually rolled up the platform and got on the ship. When the arrived at a parking spot, Josh began digging around in the car.

    “Now, if this car is really loaded, then that would mean…ah ha! Here we go!” He picked up a case, and Andy saw two half-spherical glass shapes inside. “These are contacts that turn your eyes gray, a perfect disguise. Except, there’s only one pair. Who knows how to put contacts on?”

    Nobody but Josh knew how to do it, so with another sigh he put the contacts in.

    “Okay, so I guess I’ll have to escort you in the ship, then I’ll ditch the disguise when we get in. Give me your backpacks.”

    Soon, they walk outside of the car. Josh did an amazing job at abusing Andy and friends to make everything look believable until they got into the ship, where he ditched the lenses and returned the backpacks.

    “Oh, my eye! Ugh…” Josh was rubbing his eyes out of pain.

    “Well, I guess we should look around. Andy, can you see anything with your aura?” Andy nodded and focused on his surroundings. There was a new world full of colors that was all around the ship. There was a large gathering of aura at one room, as well as neighboring rooms that had patrolling people.

    Andy attention was caught by two aura blobs walking next to each other. One of them was kinda scared Andy, while the other seemed normal. It didn’t take long before Andy realized that the two aura blobs were walking right towards them!

    “Quick guys, hide!” They all dove behind some boxes and pipe work as the aura blobs turned the corner. As they walked, he could hear voices.

    “Vincent, I am not impressed by the report your supervisor left me. You tried to kill some kids? Oh look, and you threatened to blow up the mountain. Let’s not forget the fact you killed someone? You also sent your squadron to exterminate any opposition. What do you have to say for yourself?” said one of the voices. Andy turned and peeked around the corner to find an Alakazam reading some kind of report, while Vincent was walking right besides him.

    “Well, I had to get rid of them somehow! And besides, what fun is our job if no ‘precious’ lives lost? That is what makes this job all the more exhilarating!”

    “Vincent, that goes strictly against the Colonel’s orders! You know that he-”

    “Look, Sammy, you and I are generals, huh? You’d understand me, right?” Vincent gave a little giggle. “Well, see, I think anyone would agree that killing off the people will definitely give us power in the fear factor! There is sooooo much of an advantage if people cower in their boots!”

    “Vincent! Will you stop fooling around?! Are you a general or a jester?”

    “Do not call me a jester!”

    “Then act otherwise! We’re supposed to be keeping a low profile. We don’t need anyone going against us until we have achieved our goal.”

    “Well, yeah, whatever! What do you know about being a leader! Last I checked, you were called in because everyone else didn’t want to!”

    “That’s because everyone else was going on other missions!”

    Andy listened to the two bickering, until General Sam suddenly slammed his fist on the wall, making everyone, including Vincent, to jump.

    “Enough! You listen to me, Vincent! No more killing! From now on, we are keeping a low profile!!”

    Andy watched as they stood in silence for what seemed like a good minute. Afterwards, Vincent just gave a nasty glare at General Sam, and then left, muttering something about “…you’ll be sorry…” and whatnot. Andy looked back at Sam, who seemed to be suddenly saddened by his actions, but cleared his throat and turned back towards the room.

    West was wide-eyed. “Holy cow! Did you see that?!”

    Claire needed to calm down as well. “Yeah! I guess we now know who’s the boss here!”

    Josh shook his head. “Doubtful. Remember, he mentioned something about a Colonel. Seems like a pretty important figure in this operation. We should look out for any more info we may need about him.”

    Andy closed his eyes and focused on the aura again. The aura trail was definitely strong, and they needed to find those gears.

    “Alright, I think we should go get those gears and-” Andy was cut short by the boat suddenly lurching forwards and backwards, until the ship came to a still. Afterwards, Andy could feel the boat gently bobbing up and down.

    “Ah…well, too late to head back now. I’d say we’re in big trouble, but at this point, things seem to be working out for us.”

    They cautiously went around the boat as they followed the Aura trail. They ducked behind walls, hidden amongst the cargo, and occasionally took out any Pokextinction members that seemed to be too nosy for their own good.

    “Oh, Andy, wait!” West cried out as they approached a large and special-looking door. “What’s behind it?” Andy felt the aura, and to his surprise, a massive and powerful aura energy was surrounding something. That made Andy nervous.

    “Let’s take a peek inside.” Andy said. They carefully turned the handle and opened the door just a creak, while Josh, who was uninterested in whatever it was, stood watch. Andy poked his head around the corner, and what was inside made him shudder.

    It was a Cosmoem, not unlike Lucy, who was safely back in the base. It was asleep in a large container, which had tubes and computers all around it. Fluids were being pumped into the container with every pulse, almost like a vein of a sort.

    “Oh shoot, that must be Lucy’s brother! We’ve gotta go help him!”

    “Help who? I wanna see.” Josh came over and looked for a brief moment before he returned to his watch. “So, who’s Lucy?”

    “Lucy was the Cosmog we rescued at the base, remember? She said her brother was stolen.”

    “Oh, right, now I remember. How is she, by the way? I last saw her with you.”

    “She evolved into a Cosmoem, and she’s probably still stuck on the gym floor. Gosh, I hope somebody’s been taking care of her.”

    They were about to go into the room when another door on the side opened up. They cowered behind the frame as Sam stepped into the room and sat at the desk. He hung his head over and covered his eyes for a bout five seconds or so before he picked up a recorder. Andy heard him read off the date and time before proceeding with his message.

    “Sam’s log number #6, Vincent has been told off for his violent and destructive nature. Colonel Rufus has proceeded towards retrieval of the Time Gears. Number of Time Gears collected is two. Status of subject codenamed Gyro is stable. Unevolved, remains a Cosmoem with steady growth. Remains immune to brain washing techniques. End of line.” He put the recorder down and put his head down on the desk. “How did this happen?”

    Along came a spider and sat down beside him. Sam looked up to find it in his face. He sighed and lifted a hand, picking up the spider with his psychic energy. He simply sighed and lifted the other hand, and then clapped them together, crushing the spider. He rubbed his hands together to completely juice out the spider, until it looked like a small ball of yarn. Then, with a wave of his hands, it flew away.

    “…Yeah, I just can’t see what the pleasure in killing things is.” He sat back in his chair, once again sighing. “Guess I left the door open.” He waved his hand again. Andy and others were just in time to pull their faces away as the door they were looking in slammed shut, and was locked.

    Andy felt a little ashamed for not coming in and taking care of the Cosmoem sooner. However, he gained a new light about Sam. He didn’t seem like that much of a bad guy.

    “We’ll come back later. Let’s go get the gears.” They continued onwards until the trail led them in another room. They opened it, and found two Time Gears, sitting on a pedestal for each amongst a field of barrels containing something. There were eight pedestals, each with a locations marked, and they all had labels. Antarctica, Australia, and Russia... the two pedestals that contained the gears were labeled London and China, while the last three were unmarked.

    “Great!” Andy breathed. “Looks like London and China are off our list! Quickly, let’s grab-” Andy’s heart skipped when he heard someone moving the lock. They dove amongst the barrels as Vincent entered the room.

    “Idiot,” Vincent cursed, “He has no idea who he’s dealing with! Ugh, why can’t they get off my back!” He walked towards the Time Gears. He took one of them and began stroking it, like Andy imagined Gollum would his ring. “Oh, just they wait. I’m gonna get so powerful, they’ll be shaking in their boots!” Vincent gave another giddy laugh at the thought of the idea.

    “Attention!” Sam’s voice came on over the PA system. “We are passing an underwater Pokeuman base. Colonel Rufus has commanded that there be no aggression shown towards them. I repeat, the Pokeuman base is to be left alone. Thank you.”

    Vincent’s face seemed to light up as he replaced the Time Gear. He seemed to giggle as he skipped towards a barrel. He picked it up, and began walking out of the room when a Pokextinction member seemed to open a door.

    “General Vincent! Sorry sir!” He did a salute.

    “Just get out of my way! You’re dismissed!” The Pokextinction dude stepped aside as Vincent was running down the hall. The grunt was turning back to the room when he was struck in the face by an Aura Sphere, and was out.

    “C’mon, we have to follow him!” Andy quickly grabbed the gears, sealed them in the container, and rushed out of the room until Vincent was in their view. He was hoisting the barrel on his shoulders until he was suddenly stopped, with his pursuers quickly but quietly trying to halt their speed in an awkward manner.



    “What are you doing with that barrel?”

    “Well, Sammy, I though the view outside was absolutely lovely, so I decided to get front row seats!”

    “…With a barrel?”

    “Why, yes! All the other chairs have gone missing.”

    “Well…alright, go ahead, but remember! No aggression towards the base!”

    “I got it, I got it, just let me through before I miss it!”

    “General Sam!” A Pokextinction member made a salute. “Colonel Rufus summons you to his quarters.”

    “Gotcha.” Sam turned and gave one last look at Vincent before following the grunt.

    Vincent gagged in a mocking manner before continuing his run. Soon, Andy found himself out on the deck, waiting at the door while Vincent ran towards the railing.

    “Oh yeah, here comes the show!” Vincent shouted as he giddily took out the stopper and threw the barrel opening first into the ocean. Andy was smelling something weird. Soon, he heard some kind of strange sound. At first he though it was a flock of seagulls, but it then turned into wails of despair and screaming. He went over to the other side of this ship and, to his horror, found that the owners of the screaming were water-based Pokeumans bobbing up onto the surface. Their faces were distorted, and all of them were vomiting some kinds of substance as they all died a gruesome death.

    He saw them all in so much pain. Their screams were haunting as each Pokémon passed away. Wailmers and Sharpedos, Lumineons and Goldeens, all the likes of them dying, with some even going under the boat to be grinded up in the rotating engine.

    Vincent’s eyes rolled back and he shuddered. “Ooh, what a lovely sound! Surely, nothing beats a fair symphony of screams and death!” He laughed.

    Andy couldn’t stand this anymore.

    He turned and shouted “Yeah! You’re quite the terrorist!”

    Vincent jumped and turned. His face went from that of surprise to annoyance.

    “Oh, it’s you four again. Come to crash the party, hm? Well, this time, I’ve brought friends!” He whistled, and sirens were going off all over the place. Pokextinction members came streaming out of any entrances, along with plenty of Pokémon. Vincent laughed as he scurried away.

    Andy heard the guns of every Pokextinction member cocking their guns. Some were loaded with gas, while others had lasers, turned on to green.

    Andy couldn’t tell what was happening, but he soon found himself frantically dodging attacks, casting Aura Spheres while also avoiding the Pokémon that were going all over the place. It was utter chaos that Andy couldn’t keep up with.

    Soon, Andy heard Vincent laughing. He could only look for a few moments, but he could see Sam, Vincent, a Feraligatr and the Cosmoem in a small capsule all on a life boat going away.

    Somehow, the barrels that were in the Time Gear room came into play, rolling around and knocking Andy off balance a lot.

    The ground rumbled as a Charizard landed in front of Andy, obviously sent to eliminate him. The Charizard opened with a Flamethrower, which caught Andy off guard and got the worst of it. He was dangerously close to fainting, he could feel it.

    Andy fired an Aura Sphere that his the Charizard, but didn’t look like it did much damage. The Charizard spun, and smacked Andy with his tail.

    Andy’s body wanted to collapse and be done with it, but he didn’t let it. He had an idea, but he wasn’t sure if it could work.

    Well, what have I got to lose? Everything. Oh well.

    He shouted towards his comrades. “H-hey! I have an idea…” They gathered together, and Andy told them his idea while they got into position.

    Andy knelt down and targeted a Dragon Pulse while Claire and West fueled its sides with Flamethrower and Hydro Pump respectively, and Josh flat out dove into the tornado with his Night Slash move. The result was a tornado of Water and Fire, with Josh darting all around it, giving violent slashes all over the field. It engulfed the deck, and it scattered Pokextinction members and Pokémon alike all around the place. After the cataclysm, the deck was somewhat on fire, with people and Pokémon all around the place. The Charizard fell down with an enormous thump! and fainted. Andy was about to cheer, but said Charizard has its tail next to an open barrel with its fuel leaking out.

    Oh no.

    Suddenly, Andy was launched with an explosion off of the ship and into the water. He rose to the surface, but his weakness soon overcame him.

    “Claire! Josh! West!” He tried to keep his energy as he treaded the water, and passed Vincent and co. who were altogether surprised by the development.

    Andy could do nothing more as he held his breath, and began sinking. Soon, he though he could hear Vincent’s voice inside his head, probably telepathy with the help of the aura.

    The next time I see you, you’re dead, kiddo.

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  1. Asriel_Dreemurr629
    You have become your sister crazy about KILLING GOOD PEOPLE!!! >:(
    1. Aura_Knight394
      Blogger's Response
      I do not have an addiction for killing off characters; they are necessary for character development and are generally important to the story.
  2. skydancer121
    Impressive. I hope you're not planning to keep your sister in the dark, are you?
    1. Aura_Knight394
      Blogger's Response
      I do. I want to see your reaction to an even you didn't know about, just like everyone else. Sorry, no special benefits. >:)
  3. KooleoKun
    Love this series <3
  4. SmashChamp
    Nice, good to see it back!