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Pokeumans: Chapter 31

Sorry if the ending feels a bit rushed, I have to leave for thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!

  1. Aura Knight
    Chapter 31

    For about a day or two, Andy rode along with Kyogre. It was big enough that Andy could move around without fear of having to come into contact with the freezing water, and he could run around and be active while they travelled. When he wasn’t moving around or sleeping, he was having snacks that he had backed in his bag not too long ago. He only fell off Kyogre twice.

    At the end of their trip, Andy saw a large formation of rock.

    “Here we are,” Kyogre said, “Skellig Michael of Ireland. This is where you wanted to go, right?”

    “Yep.” Kyogre swam alongside the island and dropped Andy off. “Thank you!” He cried out. The Kyogre nodded its head with a smile as it swam away and sunk beneath the waters.

    Andy turned around and walked towards a sign that was posted nearby. On it was a big sign that read about the Skellig’s history, routes, geography, warning signs and schedules. Schedules about travel times, when they would or wouldn’t run on special holidays. With all these logos and prices around the place, Andy was certain that there would be a travel group coming in a few hours or so.

    “Well, if the Gear is really here,” Andy said to himself, “Then I had better hurry. If I’m quick enough there is a possibility I can find it within a day.” Si he started to walk up the stone steps.

    Onward and upward Andy climbed. He looked around as he ascended the stairs and recognized some areas where they shot some scenes for the new Star Wars movies. What even fascinated him more was the stone houses that were around the place. Now empty, they could easily be the perfect spot for some sort of hiding place for a person.

    He kept on walking until eventually he reached the summit. From there, he looked upon the landscape. The ocean was stretched as far as the eye could see. The sun was rising in a beautiful way and the greenery Andy was surrounded in added to how breathtaking the view was. He quickly snapped himself out of the trance and began looking for the time gear.

    He checked everywhere on the summit. There was no indication of hidden nooks or crannies. No secret caves or trapdoors, none of the rocks yielded anything other than the usual moss or insect nests. He kept searching and searching until he got to the point where he was stomping aimlessly to find any hidden tunnel, but he couldn’t find it.

    Then he looked down and remembered about the gear charm. It was glowing, an indication that he was indeed close to the gear. He closed his eyes and checked the Aura trail. It went right around him and back down the stairs. When Andy overlooked the cliff, he saw that the trail went into one of the houses. When he realized that the search he was performing earlier was an act of forgetfulness and stupidity, he gave a facepalm.

    Darn path looked so straightforward I’d assumed it’d up here. Andy laughed, but then it soon died when he realized that that was a very dangerous thing to do with the group he belongs to now.

    He followed the steps until he had gotten into a house. When he stepped inside, he noticed it was noticeably cooler in there than outside. It was empty and spacious, his humming echoes around the room. It was like walking into the carcass of a whale that was long dead, but still had its skin and blubber to provide some sort of insulation. It was not really a whale, but if Andy didn’t know any better he might have thought it was.

    He closed his eyes and observed the aura. It led to a trapdoor that was in the floor, which was sealed with some sort of concrete or something. He used an Aura Sphere to quickly dispatch of the obstacle and climbed down the stairs. He entered a basement that had large, wooden barrels of what he assumed would be some alcoholic beverage and a wall that had a gaping hole in the middle, which opened up to a tunnel. He followed the tunnel until he found the Time Gear on the wall.

    What kinda legendary is it gonna be this time? Landorous?

    Andy took a precarious step forward into the room. He expected the view of the time gear to be blocked at any second, the entrance getting closed off, a speech being rehearsed or something.

    But it never came.

    He made sure he wasn’t being played for and used the aura. No other being was in the room with him. He stepped closer to the gear, expected some kind of legendary to show up or some sign of opposition. He was ready for it as he took the time gear, put it in his backpack, and walked out of the cellar. Absolutely nothing. Andy breathed a sigh of relief.

    When he got up towards the house, he noticed it was noticeably darker outside than before. He thought it was probably just an overcast outside when Andy heard a roar. Before he could do anything, a green appendage rushed in and coiled around Andy as he was dragged outside. He was taken into the air until he was spun rapidly and was violently flung into a rock on the summit.

    He staggered onto his feet and looked at his attacker.

    Ah, so that’s who’s watching the place!

    It was a Rayquayza in the sky, and it looked absolutely ticked. For some strange reason, it never made any attempt at communicating with Andy.

    First he opened with a Dragon Pulse, which hit the Rayquayza but didn’t seem to do a lot of damage. Then Rayquayza dashed forward with its teeny-tiny T-Rex like arms and scratched Andy. It hurt a little more than a normal Scratch attack, so Andy thought that was Dragon Claw.

    He tried an Aura Sphere, but when it made contact it did barely anything, which was probably due to the Dragon and Flying type this beast had.

    Andy was about to fight when suddenly his legs gave way. As he slammed to the ground, he could’ve sworn he heard a gun being cocked.

    “Ha! Nice shot, if I do say so myself!” Oh shoot.

    Andy recognized that voice as Vincent, and his suspicion was confirmed when he was flipped over by the gray Lucario. He had a sinister sneer if he had ever seen one, and behind him were some Pokextinction members, though there were hardly any of them around.

    “What the…? Of all the places you had to go to, why did you pick here?”

    “Because my sensitivity to aura is that strong. I am the very model of a Lucario with skill!” With the moves you’ve shown me before? Yeah right. “I don’t need any silly ol’ charm! All I gotta do is sail around the sea and say what I see! Ha! We decided it would be more efficient to let you get the gear for us instead!”

    “Wowzers. I am genuinely shocked. Where are my heroes now?”

    “Dead and rotting in the bottom of the sea! Give us the Time Gears, Andy.”

    “My legs are asleep, can you wait?”

    “…Yeah, sure. Everyone take five!”

    And so Andy found himself lying on the ground patiently waiting for the green laser effects to wear off. Meanwhile, Vincent was twiddling his fingers, eagerly keeping an eye on Andy, and the Pokextinction members each occupied themselves. One was reading a book, one was cleaning a gun, one was having a drink from his canister, and two were playing hacky sack with each other.

    Andy yawned and check his legs. Sure enough, he had the power to move again.

    “Oh! Goodie! Places, everyone, places!” Everyone ceased their leisurely activities and assembled. “Now that you can move again, give us the Time Gears.”


    “Do it!”


    It wasn’t until then that Andy remembered that he was interrupted in his fight. He looked over at the Rayquayza. For some strange reason, it was on the ground, and it wasn’t attacking, but it had the look of pure hatred in its eyes.

    “You’d better rethink your answer carefully, for your life may very well depend on it.” The Rayquayza opened its mouth and started charging a Hyper Beam.

    “I’m sick of dinking around with you! Give me the gears, Andy!!”

    Suddenly Andy heard a large blast behind him, and a large flame chased the grunts away. Vincent was flabbergasted as to what was going on, and Andy felt the same way. When he looked at the source, he found Claire, with her arms stretched out. Soon West appeared, and finally Josh. Andy felt like he was going to burst with joy that his friends were not dead, but before he got ahead of himself, he needed to make sure they were real. He picked up a pebble and lobbed it at Josh, who was looking the other way. To his relief, it hit Josh and bounced away.

    “Ow! What the-what was that?”

    “Oh, golly, I’m not too sure. Anyway, it probably doesn’t matter.” Andy said, trying his best not to look like their appearance was taking a toll on his stoic expression. If he had the time, he would have hugged all of them at once in joy, maybe even shedding a tear or two, but that wasn’t important now. Andy got up and faced Vincent. Now that they were all back together again, facing Rayquayza didn’t feel so bad. “You guys are back! How did you know where I am?”

    West raised a finger, about to speak, but then looked as if he was trying to find the answer.

    “Well, um…how did we get here?”

    “You got me,” Claire said, “based on what happened earlier it seems a little coincidental.”

    “Oh well, where’d we interrupt you, Andy?”

    “Well, you see…”

    “Ah! Forget it! Let’s finish this fight, then tell us the story.”

    Andy wanted to brief them on for the fight, but he felt that they already knew what each was going to do. With a nod of his head, they all jumped…

    …in separate directions. Andy thought that they would assist him in handling Vincent, but they all decided to go for Rayquayza instead.

    “Woah, Andy! Why’re you-”

    “Nevermind, just keep goin’!” Andy faced off Vincent. He could’ve sworn that theme from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. They faced each other. Andy had his eyes focused, Vincent was having a slasher smile creep up on his face. It was like a great standoff, but their guns were the power of Aura they could use. Both of their arms were to the sides.

    Suddenly, Vincent raised his arm, and Andy quickly did the same. He fired his Aura Sphere and hit Vincent, who tumbled to the ground. Now that he had an advantageous start, the fight could really begin.

    Vincent came back up and began dancing vigorously. Andy could tell this was Swords Dance. Then he came in and used Close Combat. It hit Andy, which actually took him by surprise. Back in Russia, he was pitifully weak, but now he had grown stronger, but just be a little bit. Andy used Blaze Kick, dealing some damage back. Vincent lobbed an Aura Sphere, but now instead of it being little and wobbly, it was normal sized, which meant it was actually able to hit Andy.

    Andy was busy straightening himself when Vincent suddenly went up into his face, and clapped his hands together. Andy jumped, expecting an attack, but realized that Vincent used Fake Out. Suddenly, Andy felt the muscles in his legs tighten and being more flexible. Andy was relieved; it was his Steadfast ability kicking in. Now that he was twice as fast as before, he threw an Aura Sphere, and then followed with a Blaze Kick. But when he got close, Vincent bit Andy in the face. He was glad it wasn’t very effective due to it being a dark type, but he felt really hurt! Tearing himself away from Vincent, Andy delivered one last Blaze Kick before Vincent had had enough.

    “Aw, come on! I lost to the same kid again!” Vincent had a visible look of anger on his face as he began stomping around the place. “Don’t get cocky! I’ll show you who has real power very soon!” And with that, he hopped away.

    Andy felt his enhanced speed start to disappear as the Rayquayza roared. His friends were doing some crazy now moves he hadn’t seen them do before. Now Claire was sporting a Psychic move instead of Psybeam, and West was now dropping his weapons to use Razor Shell.

    Josh leaped over towards Andy. “Do you still know Dragon Pulse?”

    “Yes, I do.”

    “Okay, use it!”

    Andy obeyed and used Dragon Pulse. Josh shot Ice Beam, a new move, into the tornado. Once it came into contact with Rayquayza, it was being hit all around by the combo of Dragon and Ice that they had fired at it until Rayquayza gave a roar and flew into the sky. It moaned all around as it lazily flew away. After some distance was made between them, the Rayquayza made a sharp turn down into the ocean and gave one last roar as it sank into the ocean.

    “Wow…that was cool!” Andy cheered. Josh began to laugh before Josh gave him a playful smack.

    “So, what’s up?”

    Andy began telling them about what had happened while they were gone. He told them about Kyree, Maldives, a Kyogre he saved, and that now they are one gear away from getting all eight.

    “Woah. That’s…cool. Wow, we’re really just one gear away, huh?”

    “Yeah. I have to admit this feels…strange.”

    “Yeah. The last gear is in Salt Lake city, right?”


    “How should we get there? The car went kablooey with the ship.”

    Andy began to think for a moment before he had a sort of idea. He explained his plan to them as the first tour boat of the day came in.

    Their plan went accordingly. First, they took a boat back to Ireland and went into Dublin. Then, they purposefully exposed themselves and let them get captured. Then the nation’s PRT came and took them to their base. There they explained to the headmaster what was going on, who agreed to send them to Utah with two other PRT mombers. They both were Braviaries who introduced themselves as Xen and Forro.

    The four climbed aboard the birds as they soared up through the night sky.

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