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Punch-Out!!(Wii) R-view

Review #5 of my series of game reviews

  1. T-Player Guy
    Little Mac steps up on the boxing ring again,but was the return worth it,or did he returned just to get knocked out from the ring?

    Punch-Out!! returns after it's last game on the SNES,which was Super Punch-Out!!,with updated visuals and gameplay,so I'll begin talking about the story/premisse.

    Little Mac is a boxer from Brooklyn,USA that wants to become the champion of every boxing cup until he manages to reach the ultimate champion of the ring,but he wouldn't do that entirely alone,of course,so he gets some help from his training couch,Doc Louis,and with them combined,they are an unstoppable force that will do anything to end up with victory.It's a rather cliche type of story,but things get more complicated after you beat the main game,and I will not spoil the game's story continuation,but let's just say that it's one of the few Nintendo games that will bring up a tear to your eye,so the story becomes pretty good from that point.
    The game's presentation is incredible.It shows that you're in for a humoristic and memorable game experience,with it's excellent comedy and polished cartoony visuals,and it will have you wanting to play the game until the very end.
    To play Punch-Out!! On the Wii,there are three types of gameplay:Wii Remote sideways,Wii Remote with Nunchuck,and Wii Balance Board.I used the sideway Wii Remote type,since using the Nunchuck was sort of tiring,but both of them are pretty responsive and well programmed,but best recommendation would go to the sideways Wii Remote controls.
    Now to the gameplay.You're in control of Little Mac,and there are 14 boxers to fight in this game,and the 14th boxer,is actually a character from another game of the Nintendo universe,but let's keep it in secret.Each of them have an unique personality and strategy,and I found myself liking all of them,with the exception of one only.The game is fairly easy from the start,but things get harder as you progress,as it was meant to be,by starting with the awkward,yet likable,Glass Joe,to other smarter and stronger boxers,ranging from a Canadian man who has trained boxing with bears,to a Russian soda-obsessed boxer.After you finish fighting all of the 13 ranked boxers,you'll have to beat them all again,and you better be ready for a lot of strategies involving precision and timing.When you beat one of the boxers once,you'll still be able to fight against him again,but at the same time,you'll have to complete 3 tasks while fighting.They give some more gameplay time for the player,and the majority of them are pretty challenging.
    When you fight with one of the boxers,you can't just go punching them randomly,or you'll waste your energy meter,and then you'll be open for stronger attacks,and won't be able to punch them for a short range.Punch-Out!! is a boxing game,sure,but it also is a strategy game as well.Each one of the boxers have their own way of attacking you,and you'll need to memorize how they fight against you,so you can win the match.Once in a while,they'll be open for attacks,and then all you have to do is punch them until they're ready to do their strategies again.If your timing,precision and direction is right,you'll earn a Star,so you can do a Star Punch,and you can hold up to 3 of them,making it a stronger attack,but you must be careful to not get hit while you're holding a star,or else,you'll lose it,so be cautious when this happens.This type of gameplay makes the game more replayable in a way,by forcing you to use your mind to create strategies that will lead to victory.
    The humor and it's characters are amazingly written,and with that,Little Mac isn't only character to be liked around here.Doc Luis,Mac's boxing trainer,is pretty enjoyable and lovable on his own,with it's constant funny advices given to the little boxer,and his big addict on chocolate.Seriously,this guy will have you laughing hard,and you'll end up wanting to have him as a close friend of yours.By the way,did you join Club Nintendo on his favor?Moving on,I won't talk about the other boxers,to remain them in secret,but as stated before,they're pretty unique in personality and characteristics,and you'll remember almost everyone of them for those aspects.
    You also have a multi-player option,in which you can play against one of your friends,and then the game starts to play differently from the single-player campaign.In this mode,one player takes control of Little Mac,and the other plays as another boxer,whose name isn't known,but for now,let's call him Little Mac 2.The game takes an arcade type of a boxing videogame,and at first,you might not understand how the controls work,at first,with some gameplay changes made for multiplayer,but you'll soon understand the mechanics.You can also become Giga Mac,a monstrous version of Little Mac,on multiplayer,and with that done,you'll become stronger,and you'll be more open for attacks by the other boxer,so think carefully about your strategies.
    On the soundtrack department,we have energetic and "rockish" music type of music,with some other instruments throwed into the mix here and there.Most of the game's musical pieces are remixes of the game's fighting theme,themed with the country of the boxer you're fighting with,but the majority of them are great to listen,and with that,I'd say it's a pretty good soundtrack.

    For trying to revive one of the NES biggest classics,Punch-Out!! on the Wii does that in an spontaneous performance,with polished visuals,memorable characters,incredible presentation,great soundtrack,fun single-player and multiplayer and overally impressive depth put into it,it's no surprise why this got a spot on the "Nintendo Selects" line-up of Wii games.It's an amazing game on the Wii's lineup of games,and I'd totally recommend it,and in the end,it just managed to star-punch through my expectations.

    Amazing! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Recent Comments

  1. Artisan
    Nice review. Basically what Punch-Out!! is all about. Humorous personality, quick precise reflexes/puzzle elements, and the main features like dodging and punching (up or down). Also I like the music pretty well, not only fitting each boxer's native land, but Little Mac's as well really setting the mood *spoilers* and the sad ending... ;-; *spoilers*. Well the multiplayer is only local which might be my only problem with it. The game also has a neat cameo at the end. Awesome.
    1. T-Player Guy
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks!It's quite surprising for me to see a game like this that actually managed to go very well(that ending,though,*sniff*) and I hope Nintendo does another P-O!! game for the 3DS or the Wii U sometime soon.It would be great if they did it. :)