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Rare Game Showcase #1

Today's issue is Mario Kart Advance.

  1. Ruby
    Welcome to Rare Game Showcase #1.
    Today I am going to show something none of you know about.
    I am going to show Mario Kart Advance for GBA.
    So... What are the differences between Mario Kart Advance (Japan) and Mario Kart Super Circuit (International)?
    Here's a BIG one. Mario Kart Advance could connect to a phone and go online. This only lasted until 2002, so you can't access it anymore.
    This online feature only was in Japan. ...It was the inspiration for Mario Kart DS and Wii's online features too!
    Here's a few screen shots.
    So that's it for today's Rare Game Showcase.
    Hope you liked it!

Recent Comments

  1. OopaMazo
    So you could actually race with people online in Mario Kart Advance?
    1. Ruby
      Blogger's Response
      You could race with their time trial ghosts.