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Rayman leak fake.... or is it?

How the very talented GFX artist did it.

  1. Megalegacy98
    Note: If you don't know what the heck the Rayman leaks are, read this:http://boards.4chan.org/v/thread/283311671/15-allegedly-from-an-industry-contact-please-let

    Hello, I just wanted to inform you guys that the Rayman leak is FAKE!
    The guy who made it showed how he did it on youtube. He went from 1,000 subs to 12,000 subs overnight 0.0
    His video:

    Etika World Network also did a video on it:

    BUT! Etika tweeted Ubisoft on this leak before it was proved fake and an Ubisoft representative responded that they will look into the situation and make a statement on Tuesday. So I guess not all hope is lost.

    The article itself:

    Thanks for reading.

Recent Comments

  1. Magik
    I saw is before, though I'm not sure how Rayman will get into the game with the way Ubisoft has been treating Nintendo
    1. Megalegacy98
  2. OopaMazo
    That guy sure knows how to make a fool out of us! xD
    1. Megalegacy98
      Blogger's Response
      That guy also came up with a smart way to get subscribers
  3. Derplink_:3
    I hope this is real cause I LOVE RAYMAN!!!
    1. Megalegacy98
      Blogger's Response
      Never played a Rayman game
  4. NIN10
    What's gonna happen on Tuesday? What if they take him in the game develop industry? Gamexplain interviewed him and he said he would be happy to do so. Yay!
    1. Megalegacy98
      Blogger's Response
      Is that true? Hmmm
  5. SomePokemonGuy
    I guess this is good and bad...
    1. Megalegacy98