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Reasons why Link should be the new face of Nintendo

There are many reasons why Mario is the face of NIntendo, but there are many more reasons for LInk.

  1. hobster1502
    Even though Mario has many more games than Link, a bigger majority of The Legend of Zelda franchise has more critically acclaimed games. Link's greatest achievement was in the game Ocarina of Time, which is voted one of the best games in the world.

    Mario has had it's time and The Franchises worst game was around the Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. Around that time Skyward Sword came out and people are still buying that game. A well amount of games are being bought on eShop.

Recent Comments

  1. Slayerpon Tatsu
    Slayerpon Tatsu
    Legend of Zelda games are usually rated T. This argument is like saying Tails should be the face of Sega and not Sonic. Mario is aimed toward children and trust me, a character that is from a game about killing demons and monsters is not for children.
  2. Shippo
    mario is the face of nintendo because he is family friendly. whether it be mario party, mario tennis , smash bros, and the many many mario games they all have one common thing they are family friendly and has something for everyone.
  3. Spinnerweb
    The high rating is because I feel that it's a little harsh to give one star to what is an all-right argument, even when I don't agree with it.

    Mario suits Nintendo's purpose of being seen as family-friendly better. The Zelda games may supercede Mario in quality (I'm not saying I think they do) but a sword-toting elf guy looks less family-friendly than a wacky little plumber man.
  4. SmashChamp
    Well Mario is more popular, and has so much more games. Yeah Link's games are bought allot, but so are Mario's the first one had over one million sells ( like paceygym said ). Mario games are easier and are more of a family game then Link. Mario galaxy and mario galaxy 2 were great games. Legend of Zelda is a fun game, but not as easy to pick up ( as Nova said ). Mario shows more of the creativity side of Nintendo then LOZ.
  5. OopaMazo
    -There are more Mario fans than Link fans.
    -Compared to Mario, Link is a lesser known character to the world.
    -Mario has 10 times as many titles as Link (as you said in a nutshell)
    -Compared to LoZ, Mario games are easy for anyone to pick up (as Nova said)
    -Mario was first. (aka MVP of Nintendo!)
    -Compared to Mario, Link does not have much representation of the Nintendo company itself; as a whole.
  6. spagooti
    As much as I agree, I would like to say that The Legend Of zelda Bosses made me scared, very scared, like Barinade for example.

    And you want Link to be the 'Face' of Nintendo? It's not happening, not like we can change it here on 3dspedia either though,
  7. paceygym
    Nintendo can't have someone green take over :P
    But regardless the original Mario has been bought over 30 million times, and their major games per each gen console have always sold out a main series Zelda game
  8. Ruby
    Nintendo won't have ANY idea how to gimmick or sell Link in new ways good for children. Nintendo is for families, unlike Sony and Microsoft.
  9. CrazyElf
    I get what you mean, but I highly disagree.

    Mario's franchise is the best-selling video game franchise of all time. Do you know how successful that is for Nintendo? If I were them, I would keep Mario as the "face" of Nintendo, since it's such a huge character and part of Nintendo.
  10. Magik
    I see your point but no.
    First off, the Galaxy games were great and sold really well.
    Next, Mario is also the face of Nintendo because his games can be played by anyone. For the Legend of Zelda, it requires a higher age group. A 6 year old can't possibly play Zelda, but my 6 year old sister can play (and does) a lot of Mario games.
    Also, you can't take Link and do what you want with him like Mario. I can't possibly see Link playing "Link Party" like Mario does.
    Nintendo is a company aimed towards families, so Link isn't a good fit at all. I fact, I don't think anyone can replace Mario.

    Even though Zelda is amazing, I highly disagree