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recent games ive got and what i think of them

ive got some new games like Super Smash for 3ds i think the game is fun,unique

  1. dc10or20
    I love nintendo games ive ha a few consoles but right now im focusing on the 3ds the gamesive been playing recently are Super Smash bros for 3ds,Tomodachi life and Scriblenauts unmasked. So i would Super Smash bros for 3ds 8 out of 10 beacause i was hoping for a few more charecters like toad very random but just a example. Tomodachi life is fun I love the idea of using miis in other games so i would rate this a 9 out of 10 because i wish there were different problems to solvei havent hade a new problem in a while. finally is Scriblenauts unmasked this game i would rate 9 out of 10 becase im not a big fan of the heros put in the game but it is very fun to just fool around and spawn things in.


    1. super_smash_bros_brawl_avatar_picture_92497.png

Recent Comments

  1. Aperturehero
    You've given fair ratings to all these games, I haven't played either of the last two games but that's because neither seemed like what I would be interested in, I might try them one day, as for Smash, I would give it the same rating as you did but it would be for the lack of stages, not the lack of characters, and I don't think they would include Toad in any SSB game due to Peach's Special move.
  2. mixerreyes
    ssb its so cool bro
  3. Zeyahman
    i love smash bros ever sence i was little i play the n64 game then the Gamecube version and after that the wii version adn now the 3ds version i played the smash and solo mode and it was great even classic mode
  4. OopaMazo
    I wanted to get Tomodachi life a while back, but I never bought it mainly because of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS lol. For me SSB was the better choice.
  5. N
    Smash for 3ds is pretty fun when you gather lots of friends and play together (either online or real). Smash run is fun when you get the hang of things. Obviously the wii u version is supposed to be better xD.