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Shiny Corner: Bisharp

Black and Blue? White and Gold?

  1. FirstSerpent
    Bisharp's shiny is really nice. It's adored for it's white and gold shades.

    ...If you haven't seen the dress that's been haunting the internet for the past few days you will likely not get this joke.

Recent Comments

  1. D4rkDragon
    But... It's also black and blue...

    (And yes, I remember seeing that picture you were talking about not too long ago, and I wonder how people could fight over a dress' colour)
    1. FirstSerpent
      Blogger's Response
      I find the idea ridiculous, tbh. It's just a dress. Who cares if the contrast is weird? The color depends on perspective anyway. ; w ;
  2. rawrrie
    LOL, but is it really? :O
    1. FirstSerpent
      Blogger's Response
      ...Do you get it though?