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Shovel Knight review(Wii U)

my first review. hope you injoy

  1. molenight46
    Shovel Knight is one of the best games of 2014. the game is a modern 8-bit platformer made by YACH CLUB GAMES. the game is really fun to play and the story is really good.
    Story: Shovel Knight and Shield Knight where the best travelers in all the land. the two where deeply in love with each however, one day in the tower of fate the two traveler where attacked by the cures amulet's terrible magic. when Shovel Knight awoke, the tower of fate was sealed, and Shield Knight was gone. after being sprit broken, Shovel Knight went into a life of solitude. however, an new villain called "the Enchantress" seized the land with her group knights called the "order of no quarter". the knights apart f the "order of no quarter" are king knight, mole knight, treasure knight, specter knight, plague knight, tinker knight, propeller knight, and polar knight. now it's up to shovel night to stop the Enchantress and save the land. the story is really simple but still really good.
    Gameplay: the gameplay for Shovel Knight is really fun. to control shovel knight you press B to jump, A to attack with your shovel, holding down while jumping will let you preform the shovel bounce, holding up while attacking will let use your relics. when you see a pile of dirt you can us the shovel to dig it up find gold. gold is used to buy stuff in the village like more health, gain more magic or to buy some relics form Chester. Relics are special items that you get form each stage. The relics can help you defeat bosses and clear stages. hidden in each stage are music note that let you listen to the games songs if you give them to Bard in village. all of the stages are different form each other and all stage are very fun. The bosses in this game are really fun and give out a nice difficulty. my favorite bosses are mole knight, tinker knight, and king knight. also, there are bosses in the over world that give you more gold if you defeat them. the only boss I didn't like was plague knight because he wouldn't stop moving it was annoying to land a hit on him. while playing the game you come to the armor outpost where you can spend your money for upgrading your armor and gain some shovel upgrades. you can also go to the Troupple King to get some eye-cores to help you on your journey. also, he dances......yay. even if you fully upgraded your knight, this game is still really hard to complete. there are enemies in each level and the game is filled to the brim with bottomless pits. but the game is still very fair with it's difficulty because of the good controls.
    Music: the music is amazing. All theme are really nice to listen and they set the mood for each stage. The music composer did a fantastic job with all the tracks. They even got original megaman composer to do few track as well there also good.
    In conclusion, Shovel Knight is a fantastic game for the Wii U, 3DS, and pc. The controls are great, the stages are great, and the music is amazing. Definitely worth 14.99.
    This gets a 9.5/10

Recent Comments

  1. GerudoWarrior
    Good review, but need more paragraphs
    1. molenight46
      Blogger's Response
      thank you for your helpful feed back
  2. Spinnerweb
    The review isn't bad, but if you're looking to improve your review-writing, PMmeh :3
    1. molenight46
      Blogger's Response
      thank you, I will try to be a reviewer
  3. Magik
    You didn't really review it, you kinda just said it was good, explained the story and then listed the controls.
    1. molenight46
      Blogger's Response
      sorry. I was not done with my review so pressed save thinking I would just come back to it later. to bad I didn't now it would uploaded it.