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Smash 11/1/2014

A day of Smash, with a new main!

  1. Megalegacy98
    Well, today I had a lot of Smash battles. I had some smash battles with Marc, Artisan, SuperMii3D, pepy550, and dragonninja829. Unfortunately, I lost every single time ._. I won 1 battle with Marc with Falco, that was it though. I then tried a random character, which was Shiek. I felt I had alot of control with him/her (don't know the gender) and I still lost but I knew I could do better so I practiced and she/he eventually became my main.


    P.S. @3dsattackman I hope you don't mind that I copied your Smash Journal thing

Recent Comments

  1. Artisan
    So you like quick and precise characters eh? Have fun trying to master all their skills. Learning the character is half the battle.
  2. 3dsatackman
    NP also shiek is a girl (Zelda is sheik)
    1. Megalegacy98
      Blogger's Response
      I know Zelda is Sheik. Just there were a lot of rumors that Shiek is a boy
  3. Marc
    I'm glad I'm not the only person who doesn't know Shiek's gender .-. I think your best character is Falco and that Fox guy :P
    1. Megalegacy98
      Blogger's Response
      Falco and Fox were OK, but I think I should try Shiek out, especially because I specialize in characters that are fast