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Smash Bros. Wii U Review

Sakurai's greatest creation

  1. Slayerpon Tatsu
    Smash bros. For Wii u. Or where do I begin with this amazing game! Let's start with classic. This game takes classic to a whole new level! Allowing you to choose the battles you face and plan out your strategy is a great new feature. Along with the newly added Wii u exclusive master fortress, classic is an even bigger challenge having to survive and not hit the acid at over 100% or you can say bye bye to a stock. I am a little bit disappointed in the new Classic mode because you can not choose how many lives you have which can be annoying at times.

    All star mode is when you fight all the characters in reverse chronically logical order but it is a little bit tiresome after a while. I am the person that doesn't really care for the challenges and trophies.

    Smash tour is like Mario party smash bros edition. You can either play on a small big or medium size board and change the number of turns and also decide on customs or jot. I would recommend turning customs off until you are familiar with the different custom moves because they can hinder you in battle if you think it is something else.

    The graphics am in this game are stunning and breath taking and probably the most gorgeous game on Wii u besides Mario Kart 8. The game has a vast library of amazing music my personal favorites coming from Xeonblade Chronicles.

    The game also has events that require you to perform a specific objective with limitations or unique features. And when I say unique I mean really unique! The game also has challenges like the ones from brawl and the 3ds version but are a bit harder than the ones on 3ds.

    8-player smash is another fun edition in which 8-players can play at once. You can have some chaotic battles team battles or 1 person vs 7. With 49 characters to choose from and a heck of ton possibilities this game is probably the Most rememberable game on the Wii u. (Besides sonic boom and its glitches)

Recent Comments

  1. Doctor Strange
    Doctor Strange
    Are you saying Smash Tour is good? I haven't played Smash U yet, but it looks like an almost perfect game. The ONLY thing holding it back for me is Smash Tour
  2. Slowpoke
    Good review