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So many new games....

Y must I want so many games so badly

  1. Bluemagma13
    Tsk tsk tsk which game which game, there's so many! Wii U smash, Omega and Alpha ( yes I want both) Mario kart 8 and hyrule warriors.:pompus: But I'm happy that Nintendo released a lot of games in such a short period of time. I hope they do that again in the future because when you release four games on the same day GameStop or any other gaming retailer will be like a fun miniature 3ds/Wii U event. Hopefully they might be able to throw in a pokemon giveaway.;)

Recent Comments

  1. Roy the specialist
    Roy the specialist
    Nice! I would want all of them too!
  2. OopaMazo
    You get all of them... xD
    1. Bluemagma13
      Blogger's Response
      Good idea :p