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Song of Storms à la piano

Yaaaaay it's-a me playing the Song of Storms ^_^

  1. Moon Rain
    The Song of Storms was one of the first piano pieces that I learned to play properly with 2 hands, so it's a really good song to learn if you're new to playing piano/keyboard :headphone:

    The reason why I uploaded an easier one has 2 reasons:
    1. For some reason I get ridiculously nervous when I'm recording piano stuff, so I make mistakes faster >_<
    2. I tend to not finish songs, like I start with a piece but when I'm half-way through I find another song that I like even more aaaand forget the other one, so about 80% of the songs I've learned aren't finished :bag: I also get tired of a song pretty quickly if I have to play parts sooo many times, and my biggest piano-flaw is memorizing stuff :thumbsdown:

    IF you watch the video, beware:
    -creepy witch-hands
    -fuzzball hair

    Suggestions for songs are always welcome ^_^

Recent Comments

  1. rawrrie
    It's beautiful :D You know it's good when you get chills .-.
    1. Moon Rain
      Blogger's Response
      Thaaaaaaaank you so much ^_^ what I love about the Song of Storms is that it's a pretty easy song but it's so catchy and fun to play, so it's really nice to hear that other people love it too :D
  2. Magik
    That was amazing!
    P.S: You have a nice house
    1. Moon Rain
      Blogger's Response
      Omg :D thanks! There has been some renovation stuff lately so it's a still a bit plain, but I like our house :3
  3. AliTheAce
    Beautiful! I loveit :3
    You sure do have talent in piano music ;)
    1. Moon Rain
      Blogger's Response
      Arigatouu! =^•ω•^= so many nice comments ^_^
  4. SmashChamp
    Amazingly played Moon Rain! I liked it even more then the original song.
    1. Moon Rain
      Blogger's Response
      Yay! Thank you ! :D
  5. Derplink_:3
    It sounds amazing and great, have you played Zelda's lullaby?
    1. Moon Rain
      Blogger's Response
      Thank youuu ^_^ yes, but only half-way through >_<'
  6. Marc
    First comment!

    I like it :P Very calming ^^
    1. Moon Rain
      Blogger's Response
      Thank you good sir :D