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Sonic Lost World(3DS) R-view

Review #2 of my series of game reviews

  1. T-Player Guy
    It's Sonic third time on the 3DS handheld console,but was it really Sonic's biggest adventure yet,or should it remain lost into limbo?

    Sonic Lost World was a game released for both Wii U and 3DS platforms,and when on the topic of the game's verdict,some people say it's good,while others say it's the opposite,by being bad,but let's go to the game itself of Lost World by starting off with the story.
    We first see Sonic and Tails on the Tornado(Tails's plane) chasing Dr.Eggman,or Dr.Robotnick(choose what you prefer to name him),alongside Orbot and Cubot,from Sonic Colors,in the sky,and Robotnick's carrying an animal capsule while flying on his hovering vehicle,and suddenly,he drops it,and Sonic jumps off the plane to try and free the animals from the falling capsule,but fails.Robotnick then hits the Tornado,leading Sonic and Tails to this planet known as the Lost Hex.They decide to explore it,although there really isn't a logical explanation to such event.Later on,they'll meet the Deadly Six,a group of evil creatures known as the Zeti,composed of Zazz(Pink),Zomon(Yellow),Master Zik(Blue),Zeena(Green),Zor(Purple-haired),and the leader of and each of them all,Zavok(Red),and each of them has their own personality,but more into them later.In certain point of the game,the Zeti will go against Robotnick,since he uses a certain object to control them,but Sonic,thinking it's one of Robotnick's evil plans,sends the item flying off Robotnick's hands,and they'll be forced to team up together.You might think the apocalypse is happening,but it's true.Sonic and Dr.Robotnick are teaming up to stop the Deadly Six,and it's pretty fun to see the interactions between them.I'll stop right there,since there're just spoilers,but let's say that you'll encounter Knuckles and Amy throughout then story,although they don't play much of an important role to the story,other that giving advice to Sonic.Overall,the story is good,even with some plot holes here and there.

    Now since that I finished talking about the story,let's look at the gameplay.The level design throughout the game will change from 3D levels and 2D levels,and you're playing through tubular type of levels.Sonic's controls are fine,although in my experience,I felt them to be a bit too loose and unprecise at times,but that's just it.A new feature that Lost World gives us is the ability to do parkour on walls and edges,while also being able to use the Spin Dash at the same time,which is present in this game,by pressing/holding the Y button.It works,but the game is locked into the north direction when you're running trough a wall in the 3D levels.The game's levels are ok for the most part,but a few of them were just abonimmable,and the "winner" on this topic,is Frozen Factory 3.
    Since were still talking about levels,let me discuss about the Special Stages.Most of you know that if you hold 50 or more until the end of an act,you'll get acess to one of these levels,but I'm sad to say that these are one of the worst Special Stages I have ever played in a Sonic game.The premises is that you have to move Sonic flying around an open area to collect a certain amount of orbs,and after doing that for a few times,you get one of the seven Chaos Emerals,and if you manage to collect them all,you'll be able to transform into Super Sonic when you have 50 rings or more on any act.The premisse is fine,but what it ruins it is the way on how you control Sonic,which is by motion-controls.It would be ok if you could play it with the circular pad,but you're forced to play with the 3DS's motion sensors.You'll need to spin around like an idiot in any direction possible to complete these,and I would NOT recommend doing such thing in public.
    There also boss battles in this game,in which you fight the Deadly Six,and another secret battle I won't spoil about.They're pretty challenging,and the majority of them are very well made,although I can't say the same of Zor's and Zeena's battles.Other than that they're pretty fun to play.
    I mentioned the Deadly Six before,and I should probally talk about them now.I can't really say much about them,but let's go one by one:

    Zazz:Crazy and stupid,while sometimes carrying a moon(I swear that moon is Majora Mask's moon twin brother/sister),and he likes to smash stuff,by what he says on his lines.
    Zomon:Fat and stupid,has a huge love for food(as expected),and uses blocks,mostly forming a face,in his boss battle.
    Master Zik:Calm,carries a stick around with him everytime,uses fruits(?) to attack in his battle against the blue hedgehog)and he's probally my favorite,but I'm unsure between him and Zavok.His lines are funny for the most part too.
    Zeena:Greedy and selfish,she only thinks about herself,and uses snowforms,like a snowman,in her boss battle,but I would say that it's probally the worst one in the game,alongside Zor's.She is also my least favorite Zeti.
    Zor:Negative,depressed and lonesome,carries a flower,and is entertaining,but sometimes annoying,with his commentary.He uses a giant owl to attack Sonic on his boss battle,but as I stated,it's as bad as Zeena's,but not on personality.
    Zavok:Strong,fearsome and leader of the Zeti,he tries whatever he can to beat Sonic throughout his adventure,and uses a very long and big mechanical snake to attack him.He might be my favorite,alongside Master Zik.

    Overall,the Deadly Six might not have explained details of their backstories,but they're good on personality and characteristics(at least,the majority of them.).
    There's also a location in the game called Tails's Lab,in which you can customize things to add to your gameplay experience,watch some cutscenes(even though they have some bad quality,since they were straitly taken from the Wii U version,which I plan on doing a separate review of),listen to some music,transfer multiplayer content to the Wii U version and more.
    The soundtrack is always a good aspect of a Sonic game,and this one,even with a different style of music,is no exception.There are many pieces of music in Lost Word that you'll end up listening to,since they're pretty catchy and upbeat.

    While having some level design and Special Stages mechanics that aren't good,slippery controls,lame strategy of telling the story with the Wii U version's cutscenes and some plot holes in the story(which are few),I'd say the game is not bad,but OK at best.I couldn't recommend this game for everyone,unless you're really wanting to have a 3D Sonic game on a handheld,or if you want to have more experience with the blue hedgehog's adventure line,since it will not appeal to anyone that doesn't get used to the changes that the franchise got in Lost World.You should probally just rent it,and if you like it very much,buy it.

    OK :thumbsup:

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  1. dominiquet
    this game rocks