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SSB heroes: prologue+part 1

a little fan-fiction i'm doing happening after the events of brawl

  1. n1mrod88
    I thought about creating my own story about Smash Bros, since i love this game so much, this is chapter one, read it and comment if you want part 2

    Disclaimer: i have't found the right appearence for the main hero, feel free to send pictures.

    Prologue: the phrophacy
    "It have been many years since we defeated Tabbu" said Mario as he looked at the cast of smash bros,
    "And it seems that troubles will never return to Smash Land" said Peach happily,
    "Troubles can always return" said Ike, "we need to train a new generation of heroes",
    "You right Ike" said Peach, "we need to build an academy for the new heroes",
    "And we will all be the teachers" said Zelda,
    "Zelda is right" said Mario, "we need to build the academy right now" he said, the characters went off to build the new academy, known as "Super Smash Bros Academy" (or SSBA for short).

    Chapter 1: the new hero

    (from now on, the story will be told from Nimrod's point of view)

    "So, this is my new school" I said to myself as i walked toward SSBA, i looked at the tall castle filled with the logos of the many Nintendo games and the red-blue doors, "I hope I will meet new friends" I thought, suddenly, i saw a human-like shadow, that went toward me,
    "You must be the new boy" the charcater said, as it went closer to me, i saw Princess Peach, "welcome to SSBA, I'm Peach, who are you?" She asked,
    "I'm Nimrod" I answered, "I'm really ecxited for my first day here" I said as i looked at Peach,
    "I'm hoping you will have great time here" she said, "here is the books and notebooks you need for classes, your gym cloths, school uniform and a map of the place" Peach said as she gave me a bag, "in a few minutes we will start a tour for the new students" Peach said,
    "thanks" I said as I took the bag that had a smash ball logo on it, a few minutes later, an alarm was heard,
    "Attention all students, please head to the main hall" the alarm said, me and all of the students ran toward the main hall,
    "What is happening?" I asked as i ran, but then, i saw a horde of shadows, all looked human-like, had purple eyes and their body was filled with black aura,
    "The Pyramids are back!" Mario said as the shadows went foward,
    "looks like your tour will have to wait" Peach said

    (end of part 1)

Recent Comments

  1. SmashChamp
  2. r0bKID39
    lots of thought put in to this
  3. NIN10
    Pretty sweet
  4. Tyrone
    So far so good nimrod i like it :D
    1. n1mrod88
      Blogger's Response
      have some ideas for part 2? like adding more OC?