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SSBM v. SSB3DS and Thoughts

There are some very close similarities between these games...

  1. Artisan
    On 11/8/14 I played Melee and Smash 3DS quite a bit so I was thinking of comparing the two. I mainly used two or three characters the most on multiplayer (on Melee) but I will go into some detail on the changes and overall how they feel (without equipment on 3DS version).

    First off, Dr. Mario's specials in Smash 3DS have the same effects as they did in Melee. No real changes here. Same electric smash effect, same air attacks and effects. Same differing taunts compared to regular Mario.
    • Sheik in Melee had a transformation while in the 3DS version has Zelda and Sheik as different characters (with the same logic of having two of the same character facing each other with a different look).
    • Sheik's side special in Melee was an electric chain and if you held B and moved the control stick around you can whip it in front of you while in Smash 3DS it's a special bomb. Both moves have similar hitboxes however the chain restricts your movement and it can be harder to pull of against skilled opponents. Maybe it works better in doubles as one character holds the opponent :giggle:. Especially Team Battles I mean where the person grabbing the opponent doesn't get hurt.
    • Sheik's up air in Melee is one strong hit while in Smash 3DS it's a multi-hit and then a kill hit at the end making it harder to punish with this move
    • Sheik's down air in Melee does not work like Sonic's in Melee however in Smash 3DS it does. I think they do about the same damage.
    • All the other moves act as they did in Melee for both games
    • OoT look in Melee. Twilight look in Smash 3DS
    • Down special is different. In Smash 3ds a Knight comes forward and acts as protection and two or three sword hits
    • All other moves feel the same, same sweet spots and maybe even the air physics
    • Rest does more damage in Melee (40% no flower) but in Smash 3DS it does 35% with a flower (flower size depends on opponent).
    • Pound in Melee works better at keeping Jigglypuff afloat (no Sheildbreak) while in Smash 3DS it keeps Jigglypuff afloat shortly with less distance and a sheildbreak in 2 hits
    • Same strong attacks, lightweight, and physics
    • Standard B in Melee is just a super-strong attack with short range while in games after it's sheildbreaker
    • Side Special in Melee seems harder to pull off (direction wise). In Smash 3DS the slashing range just seems different on the side special.
    • Same everything else. Same physics, speed, sweetspot, everything!
    In conclusion, besides the major controls feels the characters on the screen move almost exactly like they did in Melee except for different specials, moves, sizes, or effects. Mewtwo will probably be like he was in Melee but perhaps with 1 or 3 different things on him for balance so it'll make the character more well rounded and more fair and complicated to face. Not sure if Marth has the same specials as Roy as custom moves but I hope so (stronger shieldbreaker type move, multi-hit up special instead of having it send back the opponent and no real sweetspot that I know of). Characters I think got nerfed were Jiggly and Luigi however it might be for the better because they have the advantage of strange but effective forms of approach and mobility. Overall if you are good at one character in Melee they will be just as good if not better in Smash 3DS. Just on't complain if you were all hyped for Mewtwo and his specials like paralysis or air attacks are different. Hopefully customs can change that.

Recent Comments

  1. N
    Kirby has changed from melee to 3ds tho. His dash attack was the burning side attack that I loved so much is now a spinner which I guess is ok. Also side B in the air in melee lets him do a spinning hammer and not just two swings. At least the hammer can be charged up (it can kill people at 30% when fully charged). Overall I think the 3ds smash made a lot of the characters easier to use :)