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Summary of Pokémon X

A Pokémon X Summary

  1. PokéSquid27
    A few months ago, I bought a video game called Pokémon X. There are many Pokémon games, and each game takes place in a new region. The region in Pokémon X is called Kalos. In this game, you play as a "Trainer", or a person who trains wild creatures called Pokémon. You travel along different "Routes" and as you come across other Trainers, both your Pokémon must fight.

    At the beginning of the game, you choose a "Starter" Pokémon, or a Pokémon that is your first. There are three choices, and they each evolve into a stronger Pokemon. Here's the list of Starters.
    ~Water Type: Froakie>Frogadier>Greninja
    ~Fire Type: Fennekin>Braixen>Delphox
    ~Grass Type: Chespin>Quilladin>Chesnaught

    As you progress through the game, there's various Trainers that you are required to battle and defeat in order to complete the game, called "Gym Leaders". There are eight Gym Leaders in this game, and here are their names, with their Pokémon Types.
    ~Viola: Bug-Type
    ~Grant: Rock-Type
    ~Clemont: Lightning-Type
    ~Korrina: Fighting-Type
    ~Ramos: Grass-Type
    ~Valerie: Fairy-Type
    ~Olympia: Psychic-Type
    ~Wulfric: Ice-Type

    There is a "Legendary" Pokémon featured at the end of the game that you can try to catch, preferably with a "Master Ball". There is a group of evil Trainers that try to stop you in the process called "Team Flare" , so don't let them get in your way!

    After you catch the Legendary Pokémon "Xerneas", you must follow "Victory Road", or a path that shows just how powerful you might turn out to be. Once you make your way past Victory Road, The "Pokémon League" is next. Compiled of four strong Trainers (called the "Elite Four"), and the most recent champion to defeat them (called the Champion of Kalos), the Pokémon League is your hardest task. Here is the list of the Elite Four and their Pokémon Types.
    ~Malva: Fire-Type
    ~Siebold: Water-Type
    ~Wikstrom: Steel-Type
    ~Drasna: Dragon-Type
    ...And finally, the Champion of Kalos! Her name is Diantha, and you've met her on your journeys in Kalos. She is a famous movie star, and is admired by many. If you can manage to defeat her, you will become the next Champion of Kalos, and will have your name entered into the "Pokémon Hall of Fame"!

    Even after defeating Diantha, you still have a few quests to complete. In Lumiose City, there is a detective named "Looker" who needs your help with his cases. There is also a "Legendary Bird" that you can catch. There are three birds, and the type you can catch depends on your Starter. If you chose Froakie, then you can catch "Moltres". If you chose Fennekin, then you can catch "Zapdos". If you chose Chespin, than you can catch "Articuno".

    Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you like it! Please support my account by giving me recommendations for summaries. Thanks again!


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  1. quawood
    Great Guide