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The development of Sonic Boom:Rise of Lyric

What just happened to the game to fail at the end?

  1. T-Player Guy
    It all started back at the end of 2013,when Sega showed a mysterious image of Sonic,Tails,Knuckles and Amy,and they seemed to be in rather different appearances the what we are used to today.Skipping on to February of 2014,when they showed what the characters and the game they would cast on looked like,and everyone was having knots on their minds after the announcement,since lots of questions came to mind,like:Why Sonic's legs are taller than usual?Why is everyone wearing band tapes all over their legs and arms?Why are Sonic's arms blue?Why does Knuckles look like he had been in the steroids club,alongside Ike(SSB for 3DS/Wii U) and Swampert(Mega,to be specific, in Pokemon ORAS)?
    Back on topic,we also found out that there would be a 3DS version of the gam,and even a new TV animated show of Sonic Boom.In my honest opinion,I was more excited for the show rather than the games,because I wasn't sure if it would actually good,while the animated show seemed to have a great amount of potential,but I actually thought they were going to go well,since Big Red Button,one of the developers behind Sonic Boom,was composed of ex-workers from Naughty Dog,company responsable for the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy and his first racing game,and other successful titles.Anyways,as months passed by,we got the announcement of Sticks,a new character,and which was mistaken by Marine from Sonic Rush Adventure,since she was leaked before her official reveal.Her personality was fine,although her voice was just sort of stupid.When E3 2014 came along,two trailers of Sonic Boom(1 for the Wii U,1 for the 3DS) were released,and,as expected,many professionals were able to test the game.Apparently,it didn't do very well,since the thoughts on the WiiU version of the game were bad,and I swear this is the only game released on a Nintendo exclusive platform that wasn't good on E3.The game's graphics also looked worse,mostly on the character models,and they could had gone much better if they sticked with what they showed at earlier 2014.Time passed,and the two versions of the game would have sub-titles,with the Wii U being Rise of Lyric,and the 3DS being Shattered Crystal.Some side-characters that would appear in the game and the TV show were demonstrated in sketches.Shadow and Metal Sonic were also confirmed,although,their inclusion were irrelevant to the plot at the end,since they only appear for 10 minutes on the final game.The release date would be on November 11th for SC,and 18th for ROL.Close to release,it was announced that the Wii U version was going to be released alongside the 3DS version.Now that it was released,Sonic Boom:Rise of Lyric became infamous for being a game that many would compare to Sonic the Hedgehog 2006,with clunky controls,terrible graphics,with engine that would fit on an early PS2 game,poor level-design,repetitive gameplay,too much focusing on exploration instead of speed and glitches that were present in any corner.Apparently,the BRB were ex-Naughty Dog workers for good reasons.But the question is:Why the game ended up like this,if there were inumerous complaints that Sega should have seen before "completing" Rise of Lyric?
    Well,rumors say that the access to Rise of Lyric was becoming more restricted as time was passing by and little was known of the game's working process since the game's announcement,and starting from July of this year,workers related to the development team were quitting one by one,and one of them was actually the original productor,and those explanations might be the answer of why Sega didn't distribute review copies of the game before it was released.And apparently,Sega wants their games to be released for the holiday season as quick as possible.
    After seeing reviews and some footage of the game,I felt like crap,since inside me,in a very deep part of it,I was having my hopes for the game,and apparently,they were worth for nothing.It's a good thing that I don't have this game,nor do I pretend in buying it,with many better games that I still didn't bought that were released and future titles.Until then,I'll wait for Sega to wake up,and realize about what's happening to their poor blue mascot.But hey,at least,Sega has done a good job on Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd,so there's a good thing that the company had made for the month of November in the gaming media.

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  1. SmashChamp
    Yeah.... this game sucks

    But I did enjoy 06 TBH