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The Legend of Zelda : A Link Between Worlds

thoughts and review

  1. Rattus rattus
    Hey guys and this is my thoughts and review on The Legend of Zelda : A Link Between Worlds !

    Thoughts on getting the game :
    So when this game was coming to be released I was very excited . This game was looking very good and I loved how this game was continuing from the game The Legend of Zelda : A Link to The Past and that was a game that I recently played and I loved it ! This game is a game worthy to any Zelda fan and I would recommend it to anyone like it too . So if you have that feeling to get it too , then don't hesitate . Let me tell you some of the experiences that I had :)

    - Story
    This game has a really nice and decent story in my opinion and this is quite the type of story you would expect from a Zelda game . I won't try to spoil it for you , but the ending sure has a nice twist and realization .

    - Gameplay
    The gameplay of this game is a very past-paced one . Things really happen quickly around you and not in a hurried way but in an enjoyable one . Its use of items and convenience are also stressed at a certain point so there are options and answers for your gameplay styling . It might take some time to get used to the " Ravio Meter " which replaces magic meter as well as ammo for the bow and the bombs . It is a meter where depletes when you use any item ( not all ) and it takes some time getting used to . The dungeons can be played in any order which gives a more free style and this is not what is usually seen in most Zelda games .

    - Dungeon
    The dungeons in this game gives a refreshing new look compared to its older game and what makes it special is that every bit and corner is readily well-made and the details of it is very fantastic . The dungeons are also very well structured so I give them very good marks . The only problem is that though I'm not sure if anyone else thinks so , but the dungeons are relatively easy and it doesn't give a mind-puzzling feeling .

    - Graphics and Texture
    I must praise this game for the every detail in every part of the overworld , dungeons , inside buildings , and many more . It really is a great feature in this game that is very great to see in Zelda games . Graphics are also very detailed and brightly made. As also the dungeons are also very detailed as so I could say that every dungeon has its own type of detail and it will look very amazing .

    - Replayability
    The game has really much of a decent replayability . Many factors support this . There is a StreetPass feature which is a very fun thing to do and there are also many fun mini games throughout . The game also has a Hero Mode which is harder and can only be unlocked by beating the main story once . This is a to me a decent amount and it really is fun though .

    Pros :
    • Great Story
    • Good Gameplay
    • Good Textures and Graphics
    • Abundant Features and other stuff
    Cons :
    • Relatively easy
    • Target for future discounts so don't buy immediately (like me :( )

    User Rating : 9/10

    Final Notes :
    This game is a really nice game in addition to your game collection and it is very worth of its 40 dollars . Yes I loved the game but there was just a few tweaks that could have made it better . I would have loved to see a more challenging dungeon but sadly to me there was only actually one . Still yet this was a very good game and I highly recommend this game . However if you plan on getting it now , but don't really need it now , I really suggest waiting for a price drop because I bought the game 40 dollars then there was a sale of it for 30 dollars . So I suggest waiting for the next sale in my opinion .

    Then again , thanks for reading and I hoped you liked it :thumbsup: !

Recent Comments

  1. rawrrie
    I'm reviewing this review you did, and I'd like to say nice review. I like how you organized it :D
  2. Derplink_:3
    I agree with everything that you've reviewed about ALBW even if you beat it on easy mode and hard mode, you can keep it a an achievement I guess :D
  3. ZeroBlast
    Awesome review!
  4. Spinnerweb
    Nice review.
  5. SmashChamp
  6. T-Player Guy
    T-Player Guy
    I'm also really liking it so far,but I often get stuck at Zelda games,so I guess it will take a while for me to beat a game I suck at. :/
    Nice review on the game,though. :)