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The most random story ever - Chapter 1 of 10

Featuring even more random characters!

  1. MegaSuperab
    ChApTeR oNe Of TeN

    THE most RANDOM story EVER

    One day Shulk was walking through a giant pizza when a giant evil blue cat came and ate the pizza. Shulk sent out Pikachu from a sausage and Pikachu threw a giant Mario into the cat. The cat popped out of existence and the Mario exploded. "AINDBHCFHD FHFJUFHFG" Shulk said when he ate a huge wooden bridge. A tiny tomato flew into Shulk's a** and Pikachu melted. The sun was then dancing on a giant gorilla while listening to JB. The gorilla threw a giant dog into Shulk's face and he died. But then Sanic came and revived him and then Shulk Hadukened him. "SUNSUNDANCEDANCEJBJB" the Sun shouted and then it got no scoped by a Chicken.


Recent Comments

  1. MasterofBasics
    hehe shulk walking on a GIANT pizza?!!?
    now thats random!
  2. Earth2543
    its live up to its name its so random #_#