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The New 52: My versions//Should I make it?

I'd like to know if you guys would read it before I make it

  1. Magik
    So, The New 52 was a DC comics event that basically said, what if the Hero of that comic wasn't around? The story only happened for one issue but spanned across every comic series DC published.

    I was thinking: what if I took this idea and made it with other stuff?

    I'd really like to do this, so I'll only make it if you guys will read it. What do you think? And if I make these, which one would you like to see? I'm thinking of Ocarina of Time...


Recent Comments

  1. paceygym
    Sounds interesting! OOT would be interesting
  2. OopaMazo
    Sounds like a great Idea! The hopeless and the downtrodden suffer, for there is no hero present. I like it! :D