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The Problem That Cannot Be Solved.

Projectiles in Smash. Everyone but noobs hate 'em. Especially the ones that take no skill to use.

  1. Artisan
    This is my greatest complaint that I have for Smash. Projectiles with any knockback at all and take one button to use. This includes Link, Falco, Rosalina/Luma, R.O.B., Sheik, Samus, Lucario, Robin, Pikachu, and perhaps a few more. The knockback is annoying and with characters like Little Mac they stand no chance against R.O.B., Rosalina and Luma, etc. It's a much fairer battle if you leave these characters in separate categories and have the characters in each category fight amongst themselves however that's not how Smash is. Why should 1 on 1 matches start in the favor of the projectile users? The purpose of theses projectiles is to keep characters off their niche, or in this case the ground game fighters in the air or dodging like Spiderman in the comic books. The counter move is only useful if timed right and guess who has control over you on the chopping block? Projectile users. Sure it leaves them open but the same thing happens to Little Mac when he's forced in the air against his will (even his very risky side special leave him more open then anyone wants him to be).

    Surely complaining over this is stupid but Little Mac is a waste of a character slot. .-.

Recent Comments

  1. Magik
    I agree, there is a lot of this going on, but I do not think Little Mac is a waste but his down smash is