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The Story of Random Rants Pt 1

A Retrospective

  1. Doctor Strange
    Alright, before I post Random Rant #13 and Random Rant #4 Remastered, I'll give you the history of Random Rants. Once I get maybe 100 or 500 followers or more, I'll be happy to make rants which are reader-requested. So how Random Rants began. Well one day in September, I thought I should start an ongoing journal series in ELA class for Journal period when its free write. So I kept thinking until I got frustrated. Then I realized, why don't I let out my complaints in a journal entries. I loved listening to ranting videos on Youtube, so I thought I'd make my own, except Journal Entries. So on that day, September 19,2014. Random Rant #1 came about babies. Random Rants was inspired by Dan Vs and Stan's Rants. I also like having a bit of comedy in my rants, so I change voices to make the tone. They are Random Rants because they can be so petty and mundane to very dire stuff, so with a new rant, you never know what you get. So there are currently 12 rants with more in the future. Comment below on what I should do for Random Rants, except rant requests. Have a nice day!