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The truth behing the illuminati unncovered!

albert einstein was in the illuminatio

  1. Knight Rain
    What if i told you that albert einstein, coveted genius, was in...the illuminati!
    Illuminati is a ten letter word with five sylllables. Ill-u-mi-na-ti. If you say it out loud sounding each syllable it sounds like Illu-mi-not-e. "Not E". This part is saying than something is specifically "Not E". Now we know some thing is "not e" but what exactly is "e'? To figure out that we have to figure out what E is, or what it equals. So we write down e= on a sheet of paper.
    We have just figured out a cruicial clue. "E="!
    If you asked anyone what 'E=?" they would definetly say that E=mc squared because that that is what anyone would say, its one of the most famous proverbs in the world. Now that we have figured out E=mc squared we can put that back into the illuminati, saying that it is not e=mc squared. When something is not what it is, its usually false.
    Now we go back again to the illuminati. I-llu-mi-not-e=mc squared.
    We have figured out the second part of this word, now time to figure out the first. We are left with I-llu-mi. This is spelling out illumi. Ilumi is not an actual word but the first part of Many words. If we also put in the not in illumini it makes Illuminot.If you keep saying this word over and over you will eventually say Illuminate instead of illuminot. Now if we take illuminate and put it into the last part of illuminati we get illuminate e (the "not" has been moved to illuminate). Illuminate E is what we now have.
    When you think of illuminate you think of light. And what do we use primarily for light? Thats right, a lightbulb. Now we have lightbulb e which doesnt make much sense. But a lightbulb can mean many things. If we put a lightbulb over a person in a comic, you would usually think that person has an idea. Now if we do the same with "E" you would say that there's an idea behind E, or maybe a hidden message in E.
    So we have to "illuminate" E now or find a hidden message in it. But what could possibly be a hidden message in just one letter?
    We have to replace E with what it truly is now. Earlier we found out that E=mc squared. So we just subsitute E in with Mc squared.
    Now we have to find the hidden message in mc squared and illuminate it.
    Another way to say mc squared is mc times mc or mc x mc. If you try to say mc out loud, you say mec. Now we have mec x mec.
    But another way to show that you're multiplying something is by just putting them together,(ex xy=x times y) If we do that with mec x mec we get mecmec. Now this is not a word or anything at all so we have to illuminate the meaning behind this. If you say mecmec out loud for a while the closest word it sounds like is "mimic". So we can subsitute mc squared for "mimic".
    Now we have E=mimic. When you mimic something you make a subsitute of it, but that subsitute can never be exactly the same as what the original was.
    What this is telling us is that E is a MIMIC or subsitute. This currently boggles us because we have no other value for " E " other than mimic.
    To find out what E also is we have to look back at " e = mc squared". Now who made up this theory? Of course, the one and only Albert Einstein. We can now know what E is also.
    We now have Einstein=mimic. This tells us that Einstein was actually a MIMIC. Thats right, Einstein was a MIMIC not the original.
    This means that The famed albert einstein was probably just a clone of somebody. The real Albert Einstein was probably "put to sleep" while the clone took control.
    But why do this? Why put the real einstein to sleep and make a fake one in the first place? Why would he DO this?
    Why would albert einstein DO what you may be asking? Well if
    you ask anyone on the street what Albert Einstein did, they would tell you that he made the E=mc squared theory.
    But wait! We know that there was a clone of Albert Einstein so the clone probably did that. You see, the clone MADE the e=mc squared theory, not the original Albert Einstein. Now we can assume the e=mc squared theory was a lie by the clone so that we would fall into his trap. All the laws of physics and science have just been crushed by this clone. He just wanted all the scientists to believe thatg e=mc squared was true. You could argue that it IS true but thats just what the cone WANTS you to think and you will just fall into his trap... Thats why when scientists examined albert's brain after he died, they found nothing. He was not the real genius, just a stupid clone made to make everyone fall into his trap.
    But you might be wondering who actually made the clone. Well, earlier we said e=mc squared. Take out the squared and you get e=mc. The clone einstein is MC. But what is mc? Well just type in mc on google and the first result is.....the singer mc hammer.
    Yup, Mc hammer, as un genius as he looks, he is actually a mastermind behind this whole thing.
    But why would the "illuminati" want to lead us to mc hammer being evil so obviously? Thats because the illuminati is actually a good organization. They wanted us to find out who mc hammer was because those were actually the bad guys. In an alternate univers a group of people found this out and tried to stop MC hammer. MC was very powerful though, so he sent them back in time to the 1800's to stop them. Not knowing what else to do, they founded the illuminati in the mid 1800's before einstein was born hoping that someone in the future would realize the true meaning behind this and someday take down mc hammer and the clone einstein.
    Mc hammer knows about the time travelers, so he made the song "Cant touch this". to mock them and us. He knows that the time travelers are wayy back in the 1800s now so he is mocking them by saying they cant touch him, or this. He also thinks we know nothing so he is mocking us too, in laughter, because he know we "Can't touch this". He took steps further when he openly admitted that this was all true indirectly.
    Wondering when he did this? Just look at his song "2 legit 2 quit". In this song he's admitting that everything i just said is true and he's not going to stop doing what evil things he's doing. He made this song because he thinks that there is nobody else that knows the truth....until now
    Now we know everything. The real einstein was the only surviving member of the illuminati after they traveled back in time so MC sent a clone to kill him and make a false theory that will later on help MC conquer the world. He thinks nobody else knows about him and he is safe.....until now

Recent Comments

  1. Milkoftime
    Excellent! Just, Excellent!
  2. NIN10
    My education just went boom!
  3. blinboy
    @Nightsrain622 This logic though. Well, 622 is 44 off from the devil's number, which is also the number of the illuminati. If one divides the devil's number by 44, you get 29304, which is the area code for Spartansburg, South Carolina. This obviously symbolizes that you are a Spartan and that all Spartans were part of the Illuminati. As the Spartans all got their laws from Lycurgus, Lycurgus, who as also a Spartan, must have been in the Illuminati. As Lycurgus got his laws, or "rhetra" from the Oracle of Delphi and Homer among others, everybody he (there is some speculation that there were 2 Lycurgus's) knew was in the Illuminati BEFORE IT WAS FORMED. THEY'RE OUT THERE WATCHING. WATCHING. WATCHING. XD
  4. TheCheesyNuke
    8/8 no b8 m8
  5. Mudkip
    om my gawd
  6. Gecko
    Um... yeah riiiiight. Just keep believing that.