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Things I want to see in Nintendo's loyalty program

Hehehe, your actually reading the tag line

  1. Magik
    So Club Nintendo is closing with the promise of a new loyalty program. Heres what Id like to see along with the old stuff Nintendo offered:

    1. Themes
    Instead of getting games all the time, how cool would it be if they offered themes? Instead of offering 2 Wii games, 2 Wii U and than 4 3DS, maybe 2 3DS games and then 2 themes?

    2. eShop credit
    Going for a bit of a Long Shot here, but what if Nintendo offered around $5 eShop codes? The VC games offered are around that price, plus itd be similar to the digital deluxe promotion:

    3. More exclusive demos
    You've only done this twice (I believe) but when you did, everyone went nuts. Super Smash Bros. demo? You are literally going to have those few people who will sell there soul do the hokey pokey in a chicken suit backwards in a anti gravity room while singing Shakespeare opera blind flooded with chainsaws at the sime time for 24 hours straight. I mean come on, look at this guy when he saw JUST THE SSB4 ROSTER:

    Thanks for all youve done Club Nintendo, cant wait for your successor!

Recent Comments

  1. Slowpoke
    I also would like to see good prizes (hope I wrote the right version)
    in non NA or JP regions
  2. Spinnerweb
    I like it. Everything everyone wants. Themes are very likely.
  3. Nanamine
    Pretty much everything I want.
  4. T-Player Guy
    T-Player Guy
    Yeah,those things would be pretty nice,alongside Club Nintendo stuff,like VC games,physical rewards and others.Good job on those thoughts! :)
  5. Milkoftime
    Nice blog
    1. Magik