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Tomodachi- Worth It?

Is Tomodachi life a good game?

  1. KEWYoda
    I really like the Sound of this game but unsure as people post so many Bad reviews saying its too short. I ve played the demo but still cant decide. Many say it is similar to Animal Crossing New Leaf Except short and funny. Is it? Please comment your opinion on this. Or Do you think I should get a different game altogether?Please help me.

Recent Comments

  1. Blue_Hutchins
    I think it is definitely worth it, I don't play a lot tho
  2. CoolGuyGaming
    i thnk its good I think
  3. SunnyWindy
    I bought it on release date and about 2 weeks later I was selling it. I didn't like my experience, not for that price actually. It would have been good for a maybe $15 e-shop game, but for a full price game on its onw? not really. You'll play for short sessions and you reach the end of it fast enough. Plus, you don't really play, you mainly watch your miis doing stuff...
    1. KEWYoda
      Blogger's Response
      Ok. That Sounds just like what i thought after playing the demo. So would playing the demo be better afterall unless they lower the price by half? I dont Know. Im recieving mixed views on this game. So still slightly confused on what to Do.
  4. Lotad Lover
    Lotad Lover
    I acctually got the full game and found it enjoyable. It has many things you can do and everything is not really easily unlockable, like some games. I would probably recommend it if you enjoy animal crossing or the Sims. It is also fun ( for me anyway) to see how all the characters interact and the voice element is fun. It can get a bit repetitive but, they keep adding new items and have special holiday items.
    1. KEWYoda
      Blogger's Response
      That Sounds like an excellent game. I own a sims game and acnl so, it should be enjoyable but I Dont like when games repeat. Is it possible to put up with it in the game
  5. Largoe818
    I personally didn't like the game.i only played the demo as well but not a fan. I'm just not the kind of gamer that likes to just tap on stuff and give ur character catch phrases.yea there might be little mini games here and there but I feel like the people that made it focused more on things that the players barely even notice. I kind thought that the mii plaza was gonna be more like this game.
    1. KEWYoda
      Blogger's Response
      Thank you, that is very helpful. I will wait for more comments before making my decision.