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Top Ten Forgotten Pokemon

Ten forgotten pokemon who were forgotten

  1. Milkoftime
    Welcome to this first top ten of mine. I'm very excited to do this. And I bet I should shut up so you can here my list. Note I mainly play 1st and 3rd gen so this is more of MY opinions.

    10: Furret

    This guy... I just... I just barely remember him. I guess I should remember him, but I just don't. He only showed up in Colosseum for 3rd gen. He also shows up in many other generations, but I haven't seen him, so he's really just locked away for me, in my big video game nerd head.

    9: Sudowoodo

    You'd expect that I'd remember him, as he's an evolution of Bonsly. Freakin', Bonsly. Aka, the most known pokemon from Brawl. But due to his uncommon appearances, I just can't call him up off the top of my head. I ALSO just don't like that he's rock. I mean look at him. He should be grass, they made Wood Hammer grass, make the wood guy grass! I mean, what the crap! *siiiiigh* Whatever, moving on...

    8: Dunsparce

    Uuuugh... This guy... He's just... uuugh... Not only do I continually forget he exists. He's normal... Why! He should be BUG! Just look at him that is a BUG! Also, he's useless, purely useless.

    7: Yanma

    Generic. Bug. Pokemon. That's all it is, I mean, I have a right to forget this one exists. I don't get why they thought is was a good idea to make another hovering bug guy. AND! You only get a REAL chance to catch him in Colosseum. I give up...

    6: Remoraid

    Let's be honest, I can only recall him because his name sounds like lemonade. And he kinda sucks, so I most likely threw him in a P.C. never to been seen again.

    5: Delibird

    It's a cool Pokemon, but one to forget. Due to it only barely being found, and that its main move sucks, he was made to be forgotten. In fact a lot of these Pokemon are from 2nd gen. And more to come.

    4: Mantine:

    Though he has caused problems (Freakin' super sonic) I thought I caught the most over powered Pokemon ever. Buuuuut I quickly got disappointed as I realized that both he and Super Sonic suck, so he suffered the same fate as Remoraid

    3: Misdreavus:

    When I heard that Misdreavus was in Alpha Sapphire, I had a heart attack hearing that name again. I hadn't seen this guy in forever, so I was happy to catch it and force it once again to obey my every command.

    2: HootHoot

    Not only is it a freak, it's just... too generic. There are just too many brown Pokemon that no one cares about, and there are too many birds. They just need to slow production flying, because they're all the same thing.

    1: Octillery

    I guess I already did Remoraid, but the thing more forgettable than him, is it's evolution. I mean, the Pokemon itself is cool, and its name is very cool, but what makes him forgettable is the lack of appearances. There aren't enough trainers making you say: "Holy CRAP! That thing is awesome!" its just a Pokemon. Nothing more. No one will go like "Hey! I want an Octillery!" so the best thing now is to just let it fade away from existence.

Recent Comments

  1. Kudzai
    The one's I agree with would be Remoraid and possibly HootHoot, but the rest are such lovely Pokemon that are pretty well remembered, especially Brock's Sudowoodo
  2. KooleoKun
    true about furret i did not know he was a pokemon until gen 5......
  3. SmashChamp
    .... I like every Pokemon, I don't feel like there's one that has ever slipped out of mine...
  4. Artisan
    But Sudowoodo is an imitation of a tree. Not a Trevanant. You should also advertise how fun Colosseum was and how these Pokemon appeared in Gen 4. They just aren't Pokemon with good stats or aren't evolved so they aren't used.
  5. Duska80
    .....I remember EVERY pokemon and I love Furret.