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Ultimate NES Remix - Review 3DS

This is a review of the 3ds game Ultimate NES Remix

  1. Shadow_has_Risen
    Ultimate NES Remix is a combination of NES Remix 1 and 2 for the 3DS.

    First Look: Cartridge
    Very stable and looks very nice.

    The game:
    The game loads very quickly and runs smoothly. But I can't help to notice NO 3D at all! Not even in the game where it is a 3DS game! This is quite lame considering this is a 3DS game. But there are 3 options on the home screen, START, SPEED MARIO BROS. and CHAMPIONSHIP MODE. When I clicked START the game presents you with 9 NES games to start off with (you will unlock more later when you earn stars from completing levels). The games that you start off with are Remix I, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Excitebike, Super Mario Bros., Punch - Out!!. Super Mario Bros. 3, Dr. Mario and Kirby's Adventure. These are all fantastic games to play and Nintendo did a great job at remastering these. The first thing you would probably play would be Remix I as it is the first game on your screen. Now Remix I's first game is Super Mario Bros. You have to kill 15 enemies before time runs out. Now I'm not going to review every single game on here but only the main ones. But this first challenge is very easy, throughout the game the challenges become much harder to complete. One other game you will unlock on the way is The Legend Of Zelda. This is fantastic! I love The Legend of Zelda! But is the NES version any good? We will find out...

    Gameplay: The Legend of Zelda

    Challenge: Take the sword!

    This was so easy considering you just take the sword that is in the room. But I love the setting it is so retro.

    Some other Ultimate NES Remix games...

    Gameplay: Super Mario Bros.

    Challenge: Defeat 15 enemies before time runs out! Dash with X or B!

    There is 60 seconds on the clock. You are Mario and you are invincible. This was very easy considering you just run through a straight line and a bit of jumping. I got 3 stars on this but the challenges will get harder to receive 3 stars on.

    Gameplay: Donkey Kong

    Challenge: Jump over 3 barrels

    While playing this challenge, I felt like it was harder to complete as I got cornered by the barrel and the fireball. But I completed it after a few tries.

    Overall: 4/5 Stars.
    Nintendo made such a cool game I really happy with it. I don't have that much downers about this game only that it isn't in 3D. People who want to buy this game beware that it doesn't contain 3D images.

    Thankyou for reading!.