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what happens if you get 1000000 coins in new super mario bros 2 3ds?


  1. drymario05
    hello so what happens if you get a million coins in new super mario bros 2 3ds? basicly it might take a while so the game is based on how many coins you collect right so you do all hard work than you go to home menu/on the game than it will say wow i didnt know that you could do that challendge so it will give you a reward and that is a gold mario thing on main menu game with alot of coins gold skie you guys might like it when you get 9999999 coins it will say on game menu wow you have maxed out your coin toatal you cant collect any more coins you have done a great job! so yeah thats your rewards why i post this so many people wanna know what happens if you get 1000000 coins and 9999999 coins ok this is drymario05 bye! :) hope you enjoyed