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What i Did On Animal Crossing New Leaf Today (Acnl)

Animal Crossing New Leaf

  1. FlamingMonkey3
    Today i Found a perfect peach so i planted it.After that i went to the beach and I got some seashells then i went up to the Re-Tail shop and sold them i got about 2,560 from that. Then i went to (i forget the name so this is what i call it now) Timmy and Tommy shop to buy a fortune cookie and furniture to match my house. After that i went to the island at 7:00 to get rare fish and bugs to sell them. Finally i went back home sold the bugs and fish and got 70,00 to 100,000 bells.

    Tell me What you did on Animal Crossing

    You can leave now Bye.

Recent Comments

  1. Diamond
    It's okay, I mean you are giving people some Ideas. But I mean, you need to give it some more enthusiasuim (Thats not how you spell it...) But overall pretty good for first try.
    1. FlamingMonkey3