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What is love•••?

Just an article i wanted to share on some realities ive observed

  1. Kadaj
    We may all have varying or even contradicting perceptions when we ask ourselves what is love, and some of us may not even be sure how to answer that question due to lifelong struggles trying to find the right group of people to live in harmony with. This subject may not always be a fact concerning how we answer the question, but rather the definition is up to the individual in question. I have my own personal view and answer to this question, and will write below my take on the answer.

    Love, to me, is an undying spirit: the will to stay beside another, even if he is a pain in the neck at times, or even can be a real jerk or nuisance otherwise; the desire to stick together no matter how ravaged the road ahead, nor how great the challenge stands in your way. You stay with that person, because you care too much to leave their side. You stay with them, because you know he needs you, and you need him; even if you can't answer why, the knowing exists nonetheless.

    You put up with any garbage that person may give at times, because you want to help him for the better: even if it hurts sometimes. You and this other person are very much alike and jell easily, but you both know neither of you are perfect; you own up to your mistakes, and don't part simply because of a trivial error on your end or your friend's/ partner's. Rather than giving up and parting, you get up with an iron fist and try again; you give your next try all you've got, because that is the fighting spirit you share with this person.

    When you really care for someone, you don't let up easily, and when that person has the same care in return, they don't give up without putting up a fight either. If they truly care for you, they aren't going to try again once or twice and then immediately give up on you; they're going to stand up no matter how many times they've fallen, and do the best no matter what stands in their way: this is what it means to truly care for someone, and this same bond goes both ways. If they turn around and leave you in shambles after a brief meeting, they most likely aren't who they portrayed themselves to be, and likewise their feelings impure. People who give up on you easily aren't your friends or even a close companion of any sort.

    When people really care about each other, they're going to risk anything to protect what matters most to them, as protecting what you cherish most is an act of a pure heart: even if the consequences are deadly or nasty in any way. All of these things are what I feel should be observed very carefully whenever someone claims themselves your friend or otherwise; if their behavior indicates either the opposite or does not show their words true, then they are either your enemy or just outright fakes otherwise; this is one way I classify foolish people. These people talk big and act small, all the while trying to earn your trust and ruining your life with their cons and negative behavior. Never waste time on them; they are trying to do what I call "play you like a fiddle".

    Its a sad truth that many people either deny that reality or try to see different to hide the pain these idiots give them, rather than see what's really going on and leave these fools in the dust so they can be free of their nonsense. Yes, it is true that some people have a so-called back story behind their actions, but this is not always the case; many of these types abuse other people as described above for their own sick and crooked amusement (bullies). Don't give them the satisfaction of seeing you in tears and ruins; get up and act hard, and don't let these lowlifes ruin you like that. Its not worth the trouble.

Recent Comments

  1. Aura_Knight394
    Wow, that's so cool!
    1. Kadaj
  2. skydancer121
    All have different views on love. Thank you for sharing yours. Mine is completely different, but yours is somewhat similar. Does that make sense?
    1. Kadaj
      Blogger's Response
      Umm idk ? But no problem, i was happy to share this !
  3. Ace
    "She could've easily taken his life with one stroke, but she didn't... Maybe part of her remembers the loving embrace of her mother's arms? An emotion she once thought long gone from her. A child's love knows no bias, or bitterness, it is a pure love." Not an exact quote from Zobek from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, but I think I made my point.
  4. Alegria
    Got the same earworm as Spinnerweb :/

    And I see your journal the very same week I'm in a "moving out" situation... when I fight with friends I don't understand anymore and I'm going to other communities to find other friends... and at the same time I'm thinking about never fall in love or make true friends again if it's to suffer like this for friends I trusted so much.
    I'm sorry, I can't help you about finding out what is love.
  5. Spinnerweb
    Baby don't hurt me
    Don't hurt me
    No more

    Sorry but I couldn't help it. Nice blag. Love isn't meant to always be happy but it's what roots you.
    1. Kadaj
      Blogger's Response
      Yes, very little is always perfect, but what counts is that the bond is question has been for the greater good in your life
  6. Dark Link
    Dark Link
    Thank you,Kadaj this really helped me for the stuff I was going through.
    1. Kadaj
      Blogger's Response
      Sure thing! Hope you feel better soon too