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Why For Glory Needs to Change

For Glory in Smash 4 desperately needs to change, and here's why.

  1. YigNanner
    So I'm sure everyone knows about For Glory mode is Smash Bros. 4. While I appreciate how Sakurai tried to cater towards competitive players, the execution was all wrong. First let me discuss two stocks. Two stocks was a stupid choice for a few reasons. The first is that one screw up will cost you the match. I've lost several matches from SDing. The second reason is that the battles last for far too little time. I'm definitely not against fast paced matches, but when I finish a match I feel like I could've shown so much more of my skill and tried more things. The final reason is that it forces players to play differently. Because there are only two stocks, players have to be more defensive for fear of losing a stock too early and already being down to one stock. I personally would love to play against more offensive players but that's just not something you see very often. I would much rather have three stocks. The next reason For Glory needs to change is final destination only. This rule is the sole cause of Little Mac's current dominance over the For Glory lobby. Final destination is the best Little Mac stage because of his inability to jump very well. But because FD is completely flat, there is no need for him to jump. There are plenty of stage could be legal in For Glory. Prism Tower for instance. Or Arena Ferox. Or Yoshi's Island for crying out loud! Please just give us some variety! The final reason For Glory needs to change is the time limit. You are given only five minutes and I can't even count how many times I've lost in sudden death. There should be a timer, but it should be at least eight minutes to allow an adequate amount of time for the fight, especially with my first idea of 3 stocks as opposed to two. Having only five minutes leaves players feeling frustrated especially when the game goes into sudden death, leaving an anti-climactic ending on a frustratingly short battle.

Recent Comments

  1. Bluemagma13
    I agree two stocks isn't enough and we need a greater time limit. Also I think that they should make battlefield, find mii, tomodachi, pictochat, corniria, mute city and brinstar all available in for glory
  2. Artisan
    Two Stocks is all you need. It prevents stalling if done right and even if you do stall it lead to a perfectly fair sudden death match. The Sudden Deaths are your fault. Omega Stages imo prevent lag because there is no moving platforms and it is overall more balanced because when platforms are in the way down airs are almost impossible to use and Little Mac is far from overpowered and really takes skill to master. He's the character that most players lost with remember?
  3. Icemario
    In most instances, one screw-up does not cost you the match; if you're SDing and losing then that's entirely your fault.

    If the match doesn't last long enough for you, then either you're dominating your opponent (which would be showing your skill) or you're getting dominated, I don't really get the problem here. Playing more matches would easily remedy this unsatisfied feeling.

    The setting doesn't force players to play differently; the players are the ones forcing themselves to change. I play exactly how I play in friend 1-on-1s, and I've not had a problem. I've come back to win many times after being the first to lose a stock, so that's not really a problem either.

    That said, I too I prefer playing with three stocks but I'm perfectly fine playing with two instead.

    I do agree Final Destination is not the best choice of stage for For Glory (Battlefield would be far more balanced in my opinion) as it gives certain characters advantages, but I've never had trouble dealing with Little Mac users, especially considering Final Destination is not a walk-off and he must jump if he wishes to recover once he's knocked off the stage.

    And finally, I've found five minutes (with two stocks) to be very ample time to defeat my opponents, and I've yet to have a match I'm in run out of time, or even surpass three minutes. Besides, this complaint is in direct contradiction with what you just said about matches being too fast-paced.
  4. OopaMazo
    For Glory is optional. You can always configure the rules to your liking in a friend match.
    1. YigNanner
      Blogger's Response
      True, but not all of my friends can be online all the time.