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Why I think Playing as Olimar is Fun (in SSB3DS)

There is no "i" in team but there is in Olimar and Pikmin!

  1. Artisan
    I think many people dislike Olimar for obvious reasons and don't like his change from Brawl. Well I've been thinking and I'm sure some people might give him a bad rap since every time I fight online the only Olimar (or Alph) I see is myself. I can completely understand if he seems to not fit your style.

    • God tier recovery (if used right however you might lose Pikmin in the process)
    • Pikmin are hard to get off. Especially ones that have resistances to certain elemental attacks.
    • No need to worry about projectiles because Pikmin act as Olimar's human shield
    • Pikmin can be gotten out of the ground instantly however have slight drawback to potentially leaving you vulnerable if you don't get space between the opponent.
    • Olimar is short so if he crouches certain attacks miss him and it can lead to a less stressful time against Falco and Fox players.
    • Olimar can use his Pikmin for long distance grabs so it's easy to rack up damage by shield grabbing in certain situations and you are less likely to miss or worry about counter moves on the ground. Also less shielding worries.
    • If you lose your first two Pikmin you have better odds of winning. You can do that by not using the whistle and having Pikmin able to get attacked or by jumping off the edge.
    • Front Pikmin stay right next to Olimar
    • 3 Pikmin is more balanced and easy to manage than 7
    • Pikmin are easy to combo with and have great range when used on the ground.
    • Strong Air Attack Damage
    • Purple Pikmin side special can trip up foes
    • Having to babysit Pikmin and making sure you have enough on the fly.
    • Taking your game slower because the Pikmin have to keep up in order to use Pikmin based moves.
    • Pikmin have a similar AI as Mii Teams in Classic Mode and Multi-Man so they are prone to fall off the stage.
    • Short air attack range
    • Weak side special

Recent Comments

  1. MMMs
    Don't forget lack of usable moves if you don't have Pikmins! Better get at least 2 Pikmins available just to be safe lol
    1. Artisan
      Blogger's Response
      But you can pluck more instantaneously. That's why I don't find it a problem.
  2. Marc
    Can Pikmin protect Olimar from luma's full blast? But the long distance grabbing is annoying >.>
    1. Artisan
      Blogger's Response
      Not sure about at full blast but I think it can block most fully charged projectiles. Good example's are Lucario's and R.O.B.s