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Referral Program

This is the referral program of Ninten Pedia. Refer people to the forum to earn rewards.

You can now earn Play Coins once again by referring people to the Ninten Pedia forum. All the person has to do is put your username in the referral field when signing up for an account at the forum and pass certain requirements. In addition, if the person becomes a sponsor within the first week of their registration, you will gain an additional 10% of what they pay, credited to your account in Play Coins.

The requirements for the newbie :

  • Have within/over 50-300 quality posts within their first month of joining.
  • Have a good-standing account.
  • Make sure the refer's username is clearly stated in the referral field.

Note: The referral program may end at any point in time, even without notice although people who have referred others before its end date will still be counted toward getting their earnings in Play Coins.