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Does anyone play the review game Kahoot?

Discussion in 'Academic Discussions' started by Youngster Joey, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. saltypepper

    saltypepper Great! He is an uncanny fellow! Towns Folk

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    109 coins
    We played Kahoot in my science class, however my science class was often irresponsible and put... questionable names.

    Guess my teacher was used to it though haha, all she did was kick them silently. I usually go with my real name, although sometimes I'll put AAAAAAAAAAAA, or "kill me".
  2. Marcaroni and cheese

    Marcaroni and cheese Kraft macaroni

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    8 coins
    nobody memes at my school so people usually just use their normal names. And then theres me named real!tHEB0ssBaBy