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If you can only have ONE 3DS game, what will it be?

Discussion in 'Nintendo 3DS Games' started by Eric Cartman, May 19, 2017.

  1. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman BEWARE OF ADS KFC Lover

    Play Coins:
    781 coins
    If you had one 3DS game to choose from what will it be?
  2. Marc

    Marc Chocolate milk :3 Forum Management

    Play Coins:
    5,008 coins
    Pokemon Moon.
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  3. TribstyAnn

    TribstyAnn Me. Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    13 coins
    Ones of the Professor Layton games, or maybe Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright.
  4. Ace

    Ace Aaannnd boom! goes the Dynamite. Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    67 coins
    This one ain't out yet.
    Ever Oasis.
  5. Nebby

    Nebby You not gon' ge me! Out Of The Bag

    Play Coins:
    5 coins
    Pokemon Sun or moon, or Animal crossing new leaf. I'm not sure which one tho... Most likely Pokemon moon.

    Really, tho, I don't see why anyone would buy a 3ds for just one game. That's like, more than 100 dollars for a game... Unless the person buys a Pokemon game just to catch a Magical. Then it's totally worth it :sneaky:

    Good topic, tho
  6. Hayleia

    Hayleia Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    1,236 coins
    Now let's talk about the Switch, shall we? :p

    Anyway on topic, if I can choose one game AND rewind time so that online halls become full again, just like two years ago, then I choose MH4U without a doubt. If I can't then I don't know.
  7. J9794

    J9794 But you can call me Jay Nine Seven Nine Four Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    712 coins
    Either a Pokemon game or Super Smash Bros. Those games alone make the 3ds worth it.
  8. Kitsune_Sakura64

    Kitsune_Sakura64 New Gal on the Block Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    259 coins
    Rune Factory 4. Ultimately, that is my favorite game. ^w^
    Combat, talking to townsfolk...
    It's a like a three-for-one kind of game, really. >w<
  9. Ashkil

    Ashkil Space Cowboy Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    1,055 coins
    Kid Icarus Uprising easy. Fantastic clever game which you straight up cannot get on any other system
  10. Mikaya

    Mikaya uwu Forum Management

    Play Coins:
    2,540 coins
    Ocarina of Time 3DS. This is a fantastic remake of a classic Zelda title; The graphics, Storyline, characters, dungeons and bosses are all engaging and challenging, and worked well with one another. It was one of the most successful games in the series. Implementing 3D just adds a nice touch. A must-have for any Zelda fan. Hours of lengthy gameplay with some side-missions thrown in.
  11. Farhaan Raja

    Farhaan Raja The Hero in Green Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    142 coins
    Probably one of those seemingly infinite games like Terraria. I can imagine games like Ocarina 3d or Super mario 3d land getting boring after a while.
    Watch Somecallmejohnny's video on terraria to know what im talking about.

  12. EstebanTill2

    EstebanTill2 Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    683 coins
    Well, that´s a question I actually don´t have to think much about. The only game I would keep or have is Luigi´s Mansión Dark moon. That was the first game I played on my 3ds and that game was actually the reason I bought one. I loved Luigi´s mansión back in the nintendo gamecube and when I Heard that the sequel to that game was coming to the 3ds, I started saving money to get one.
  13. Amit0603

    Amit0603 The Charizard Lover Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    211 coins
    Probably one of the 3DS Pokemon games... But the 3DS games don't have a big post-game that I really liked... What I liked about the old Pokemon games is that they had a long post-game, Like Gold and Silver. Even when I finished the game I had a lot to do...
    Sun and Moon are annoying to me about that they're very short and then you just catch the Divine Beasts/the Tapus, and that's it. You just catch. And catching the Legendaries/Tapus/Divine Beasts is really easy.
    Super PMD was really fun, but I still like more the DS games, those are the games that made the series so good.
    So my answer is- I don't know. Either Sun and Moon (because they were still very fun and special, just short), Super PMD or Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
  14. Flameslinger787

    Flameslinger787 Ganondorf Abuser Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    24 coins
    That's hardly a fair question, for who could pick just one?
    I would have to pick a game for the 3DS because it is my favorite Nintendo System.
    But having to pick just one game... I'd go with Fire Emblem Awakening.

    The difficulties and marriage options give the game tons of replay-ability, as well as giving yourself challenges to make the game even harder. (Such as Using Less Units, No Reset Classic Mode,and of course, No Relationships.)

    The game itself also has a lot of wonderful features. I love the sound tracks, the scenery, and the characters. The cutscenes are especially beautiful, making for one heck of a good story.

    If I couldn't pick Fire Emblem Awakening though, I would most likely choose Pokemon X, Mariokart 7 or 8, or Super Smash Bros 3DS.
  15. Wariomovie

    Wariomovie Wario Monger Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    2,547 coins
    If I could only have one 3DS game, it would be Smash 4. I have always had a greta time with this game, and it functions as Nintendo's best in 4 player action! (to quote Melee's box art, but still). I especially enjoyed the new Smash Run mode as well as the many Stadium events within the game.
  16. ost

    ost 12 more seconds Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    2 coins
    Fire Emblem Echoes. I need that game so bad.
  17. Dark Link

    Dark Link The Hero in Black Link's Dark Side

    Play Coins:
    962 coins
    Metal Gear Solid:Snake Eater 3d I could replay that game over and over
  18. Kiki

    Kiki Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    135 coins
    Animal Crossing New Leaf! I absolutely adore the game. There's always something to do in it. I can chat with villagers and complete favours or play games with them, work towards badges, collect bugs, fish, furniture, clothing... I can rearrange my house, change up the path layout/design in my town, add or remove (certain) PWPs! I also really love the strong online community the game has, and it's still going strong so there's always someone to play with! I've been playing regularly since I got the game in 2013 and I still haven't unlocked everything!
  19. Shootajames

    Shootajames Monkey see, Monkey do Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    1,504 coins
    Yea exactly, most likely the Pokémon game for time purposes but brawl you can always find yourself coming back to
  20. Chronal

    Chronal Pro Dualies Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    269 coins
    Smash Bros for sure. I'm a social gamer; I enjoy having lots of community and people to play games with. And while Pokémon's great, there's a lot of "stuff" that isn't exactly fun to become competitively viable. Breeding, IVs, natures, and EV training all make up big components of Competitive Pokémon, and that kind of stat grinding just doesn't appeal to me. I rather just get better by playing and watching people play, and that's what I can do with Smash Bros.

    Besides, with a big playerbase, it would be hard to get bored. I could constantly be adapting to new strategies. I'm still hoping it takes over Melee, as the matches are so much more interesting to watch.