What types of hairstyles would you like to see on Octolings?

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Octolings have limited hairstyle options :/

That's one of the main reasons why I dislike the male Octolings .-. the girls look soo much better IMO.

What types of hairstyles would you like to see for male and female Octolings? I hope Nintendo adds more options in a future update and do not leave us hanging~
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Lets get some super sayan up in this house
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I honestly am not the biggest fan of the Octo long hair...it looks kinda funny with some items equipped. But the pony tail looks cute. I hope girls get better hair as well. Could do buns, Long pig tails, longer hair, one bun and the rest down..so many things. ;v;
As for the male I like the one tentacle lol. Looks cute. But they could have more options for the males too. Hard to explain for males. XD would have to draw it ahah. But hopefully they add an updated version for hair! :3
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Even just having the default hairstyles but in an ‘octoling version’ would be cool (if that’s possible). I’m not a fan of the male octoling hair tbh but it’s still a cool addition.
Afros for sure!
Wish the octoling have a similar hairstyles like in inklings just altered to represent that they're octolings, or made something unique like a perm for the boys and a curly twin tails for the girls hoping they added more diversity to the hairs tbh
yeah. I agree with everyone and would like inkling hairstyles on octolings. At least you can cover it up with a helmet or something.
With the addition of Splatoon 3, we're bound to have tons of Octoling hairstylings right from the beginning (there was an option for Octoling hairstyles in the trailer which we haven't seen). Hopefully we get a nice variety and they turn out well!
I like customization but I'm not too into it specifically unless it means better stats. That being said I would do just fine if anything in Splatoon 3 is the same as in 2. Maybe some weird style no one has ever seen like Silver the Hedgehog's look. Maybe some sort of all tentacles over the eyes. Then you could say "I have a blindfold on" like the great Dunkey only as a meme. Maybe some mode where you style the hair how you want would be in place but not for a long time I'd expect.