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Why don't people like Wii U chat?

Discussion in 'Wii U Discussions' started by Doctor Strange, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Mrmariobros222

    Mrmariobros222 AC:NL Fruit Seller Towns Folk

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    Well there's a lot of reasons:
    1.There shy to show their face.
    2.The Mic quality is bad. (unless they made a headset)
    3.There's Skype and many other programs on the computer to make things easier.
    4.Can't play and talk at the same time on Wii U. (which is the best reason)
  2. SunnyWindy

    SunnyWindy Still annoyed... Towns Folk

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    I don't want to show my face and I really hate talking in english, since it's not my language... I don't plan on using it...
  3. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman BEWARE OF ADS KFC Lover

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    People probably don't like Wii u chat because it is a risk for younger kids to becoming in tact with a child molester. When you say yes to a friend request you can chat with them when they are online. This can risk the child, not knowing any better, to give out bad info to the stranger causing the kid to be the target. Which this is a reason why I think parental controls are a must for a kid as old as 8 or younger. People had also the exact same problem with the pictochat feature on the original Nintendo DS. My opinion on the Wii U chat feature is that it's amazing to chat with far away friends or close realative like your grandparents. So practically the Wii U chat is an improved and home console version of the DS pictochat software.
  4. TheSpiritedWarrior

    TheSpiritedWarrior Never gives up a fight Towns Folk

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    141 coins
    Used it a few times. It is fantastic! The camara and mic quality are not that great but still get the job done. It is a really neat feature. If only there was skype on the wii u, that would be much better though. That way I can chat with people I know. I only have 2 friends I can actually chat with.

    God knows, maybe skype will unexpectedly come on the wii u.
  5. G MAN

    G MAN NYEH HEH HEH! Towns Folk

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    45 coins
    Well, Skype is owned by Microsoft, so chances are pretty slim. I think people don't like it because it generally lags out a call and it doesn't offer a choice to take it off. Another thing is of course, the mic and call quality. I really don't think its bad though unless you or your friend have connection problems. Then, of course, you cannot forget one thing skype offers on other systems that Wii U chat doesn't have...playing games during calls. Because of Wii U Chat being on a game console, not being able to play games is a huge problem.
    TheSpiritedWarrior likes this.
  6. Slayerpon Tatsu

    Slayerpon Tatsu The Nopon King of EXP and Hater of Ignorance Banned User

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    Showing faces, communicating, not being able to talk and play (like chat rooms on play station and xbox) Nintendo could have easily fixed the this problem but nah, they didn't
  7. PersonSP

    PersonSP Writing- 'n-Drawing-aholic

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    3,433 coins
    People (me included) don't like using voice chat in pokémon either, and that feature doesn't even require you to show your face! I guess that talking to random strangers just really isn't what people bought the console for. Video chat with people you know in real life is nice but random people? Meh, not my cuppa tea. :coffee:
  8. gff123

    gff123 Nintendo 3DS Addict Towns Folk

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    Nintendo doesn't advertise it enough.
  9. Slayerpon Tatsu

    Slayerpon Tatsu The Nopon King of EXP and Hater of Ignorance Banned User

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    It's not that they advertise its that, well let's be honest, how many people on your friendlist are you friends with in real life. Normally few to one. Now how many are older than you by at least 3 years?
  10. BlazingPhoenix

    BlazingPhoenix I made Resetti's Bad list. Banned User

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    501 coins
    Actually, you can chat while playing, as me and my brother and his friend have played super smash bros 4 wiiu and used the chat, and i dont really care for the facetime thing, skype or whatnot. But yeah the call quality is garbage and glitchy, despite said friend literally a 2 minute drive from our house, counting the time it takes to start up the car. It is too soft in volume and you have to hold your face to the gamepad when you talk, speak clearly, and then crank up the volume to 100% so you can understand the gibberish the other person is saying.
  11. Alpha Alien

    Alpha Alien 3ds pedia mastermind Towns Folk

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    250 coins
    Well I think I speak for a.lot of users of Wii u here but I don't think that they would want to show there faces to strangers. That would be creepy one person may be a stalker and the others could be doing bad stuff. The only reason why I would use Wii u chat is if it's a friend I know other wise I'm never going to use it for anyone else besides talking to a friend.
  12. Slayerpon Tatsu

    Slayerpon Tatsu The Nopon King of EXP and Hater of Ignorance Banned User

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    251 coins
    I made a kid cry when I Wii u chatted with him while wearing my Halloween mask. Good times
    Alpha Alien likes this.
  13. Alpha Alien

    Alpha Alien 3ds pedia mastermind Towns Folk

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    XD that's awesome
  14. Wariomovie

    Wariomovie Wario Monger Towns Folk

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    2,547 coins
    I originally found WiiU chat to be quite enjoyable and usable, but after a while I just found it easier to text my friends or facetime them if I wanted to play Smash 4 or something. It just wasn't as convenient to use the WiiU chat when I had a phone or tablet with the same capabilities sitting right next to me.
  15. Mikaya

    Mikaya Resiiiiiii . Forum Management

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    2,573 coins
    Maybe because there are other programs that serve the same purpose. Most gamers are likely to own a mobile device or computer and would rather take advantage of either without the use of their Wii U which should be primarily for gaming. I haven't actually used Wii U chat. Ever. I will probably never use it because it seems redundant.
  16. Leaandro15

    Leaandro15 Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

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    4 coins
    Wow I bought the Wii U late was and was hoping to Wii U chat with some friend I had from school ,but I guess not anymore because half of the people who have a Wii U are shy to show their faces I wish that my friends weren't say and we could have a Wii U chat conversations and we could also catch up on what we stopped talking about because these friends were my old friends that I had from school until moved cities and moved highschools and once inmoved they started to get shy and didn't contact me like they used to when I used to go there the same school as them.
  17. Samster123

    Samster123 Isn't she lovely? Isn't she cute?

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    38 coins
    When I first started using Wii U Chat with my best friend, I thought it was pretty dang awesome. Until the system disconnected me about 462 times before it let me have one video chat. I've always thought that it was a really cool idea, you can even draw on the screen! But it just seems like whenever Nintendo tries to do stuff like that, it's always in very low quality. Take the Nintendo 3DS camera for example. Just like Wii U chat, it was an awesome idea, but just very bad and low quality. They never really spend much time on these kind of things. Overall, I thought it was a good idea, but fell apart with the constant disconnections, errors, and the horrible quality of the Wii U camera. However, the Wii U was never meant to be anything but game system, so I guess some people should be glad that there's an app there at all. But I think that if you don't want to spend a lot of time on creating an app like that, then just don't make one at all, rather than making one with horrible quality.
  18. Ace

    Ace Aaannnd boom! goes the Dynamite. Towns Folk

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    'Cause I'm too apprihensive to put tape over my gamepad's camera lenses. I no wanna show everyone my ugleh' mug. (Nor have someone use a screencap to impersonate as me with a pic of my face.)
  19. Ethendor

    Ethendor The PK-Fire spammer Towns Folk

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    177 coins
    look I forgot the chat even existed til a few days ago, that just shows how it wasn't advertised well and when there are other options especially now with discord there doesn't seem to be a point of using the Wii U chat
  20. Marcaroni and cheese

    Marcaroni and cheese Kraft macaroni

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    8 coins
    People don't like Wii U chat because they don't want to show their face, or for other reasons. However, I personally dislike it because I cant open the internet browser because someone keeps spamming me to death with invites to wii u chat.